Scheherazade, Dinharazade, stories from 1001 night… .How is the precious princess called ?

…………. the first part…………………

Who does not know them, the stories from 1001 night. Longing, wanderlust, hidden indications to change the subject from the everyday truth and frights. Imagination full stories always inspire. They start everybody with…. It was once……

…… in an empire, in a small region, lived a sultan, like a king strictly and authoritatively ruled over his people. His property, brilliantly from splendour and wealth, it was known well over his borders only as the „palace of the hoist“. It high lay in the mountains of the Kalemanszus in a wonderful lake. The ruler and master, the sultan Schahrayâr nothing lacked. Until he allowed to head one day, at a hot-tempered moment and terrifically before jealousy, his first Mrs. Rhana. From now on all women whom the sultan married as a main woman were the next morning decapitated. Wanted never again to feel Schahrayâr cheated.

The subjects of the palace were in excitement, when this shameful activity would come to an end. No woman in the harem wanted to live more at such an awful place. Days and weeks passed and a silence lay down in all spatial Serails of the palace. In this situation made Shana, the mother of Schahrayâr, on the way to the Grand Vizier Mandaragat, maybe he could help.

Mandaragat, was an old seafarer, only a few knew his right name, he had travelled around numerous countries, accepted many years ago, more from chance, the place of a Grand Vizier of Kalemanszus. In a modest house in the lake, with his wife Erdana and two daughters Scheherazade and Dinharazade, he lived on the edge of the palace.

Shana’s portrayals around your son, the desperation, as it would go on, booked the space with an earth of lead tape of the melancholy and the desperation. Scheherazade, an excelente belly dancer who hid your pretty body in two got run down Sari’s since the incident with Rhana had an idea like one could bring Schahrayâr again to the reason.

Scheherazade needed for it the help of your older sister Dinharazade. Dinharazade, as nicely as your sister, had to tell a talent stories. Because Dinharazade was already married with Thorus, a spice trader from the Orient, now had to sacrifice itself Scheherazade and act in this matter as a main woman, the first woman. Now the history “of the precious princess” was practiced for hours and learnt by heart.

There passed days and weeks, the sultan became more and more disgruntled, because in his empire no more first woman wanted to be found. To deflect something to themselves Schahrayâr went for a walk to the lake, he touched the house of the Großwesir’s. He saw Erdana which was occupied just with your garden. Erdana noted your guest, she laid down her work and welcomed the sultan, he accepted the invitation for the common tea with pleasure. It became a pleasant entertainment and slowly the mood of the Sultan’s made amends. This also noted the hostess and completely, besides, she asked Schahrayâr whether he desire did not have to give a party. The sultan affirmed it, this would be limited sometimes an excellent change, he thought.

Shana’s allies had waited for this opportunity, fast all necessary preparations were made. With some luck your plan could succeed, they had only two days time up to the party. Hopefully it creates Thorus on time…………..

——–To be continued—————

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