Cher, I and the disappeared MINI car steering wheels on the Freeway 3…. Part III

So, with the third part from Cher, I and the disappeared MINI car steering wheels, my second book is at the same time – into German language , Autor Erdi Gorch Fock , Tüdeln, smüüstern… … John Glossi’s Fall an der Süderelbe ( Paper- and E-Book Version ) Kurzgeschichten von einem exillebenden Hamburger in NRW , BoD Nr. 1188908 , ISBN: 9783739231143 , Publishing companies Books on Demand GmbH, In de Tarpen 42, 22848 Norderstedt, Germanycoming out to the Book market.
Instead of talking long, about like it with him write has started, I start in my kind of art as an ‘Hamburg boy’ immediately with the continuation of this historyOnce Upon a Time…

…after Cher and I had left the police guard, knocked Sven on the shoulder from Eddi, „You have made this exactly properly Eddi“, said the district leader Sven Matke of the police commissioner’s office to his colleague. „Now I deliver all documents to the land criminal office to ‘Berliner Tor’ “.”You probably mean in ‘Winterhude’ “, smiled Eduard Otte, in allusion on the authority house, that was built like one decagramme in 2001 and now it is the new home of the police presidium of Hamburg. „Yes, my friend licks me in the arse“, easily move Sven reached to the phone, searching after a personal contact in the police presidium, he turned the leaves disgruntled through the phone register. Earlier he would have driven fast sometimes by the police boat ‘Elbe 14’ over here, the high rise in the ‘Berliner Tor’ would have boarded about ‘Heidenkampsweg’. „I surrender, I select the police hotline, thus one shit hotline“, at the other end of the telephone line one rang.…….

Bettina, quite quietly, it’s only me Ronald“, gave to recognise itself the building authorities leader, he had also gone immediately from the hall, to see after his nice comrade-in-arms. „One to me still there tremble the knees, I have properly frightened myself, sends for me fast still the divergent land-use plan of the future lowland plain full of lakes ‘Hemmingen’ out“, it sounded bleach from Bettina over here. A few minutes later both were again in the meeting hall. The plans introduced now calmed almost all persons present. At the end of the event of information Bettina Lorz got Peter Junghans aside and told Him from of a quick opening of a car dealer in ‘Laatzen’. With this still confidential information Peter went home. Come he marvelled at the new metal signs of ‘Gisbert Hannen & Son’ which had attached his brother Klaus with Gisbert instal in the home entrance. With a final coffee Peter told the good news from the ‘Ricklingen Gasthof’ both listeners. With one: „Bye to morning“, the diligent locksmith Hannen said goodbye and went to ‘Westerfeld’ home.

So what has occurred to you?“, I came up curiously to Hans. „Do you still know like us to us steering wheels about the scrap yard have procured? to mount them then on the bicycles“, laughing I interrupted my friend. „Yes clearly, I can remember, you have fastened your steering wheel as a saddle and have stated, it is from a Mercedes.“ „Only because the emblem was absent, I did not have the right screws and screw threads at that time“, Hans tried to saved the ancient history. Suddenly what occurred to me, I caught to me my phone and chose the number of Cher, instead of a ringing tone at the other end of the line came only one beep, beep, beep…

The busy signal did not want to stop, I woke and noted which overtires I completely from the suitcase and cardboards pack on the sofa had fallen asleep. I still held my receiver in the hand, mine beloved grey dial phone which I still wanted to stow away, as me late in the evening before nothing but tiredness the eyes closed.

Everything only dreamt. Everything had arisen in my imagination, now smiling, I laid the phone in the cardboard, it sealed with adhesive tape. There it rang on my outside door. I pulled myself together and opened the door. Cher stood outdoors with a picnic basket in your hand. „You have overslept, today is market day, we immediately meet other“, she twittered happily on it off. I dressed fast, on the way I told about my strange dream. It was the last Saturday on ‘Finkenwerder’ for me, why the last day do not begin with a weekly market visit.

In the newsstand we met the rest of my friends. For the last time I turned the leaves between the basting, maybe I take a Kojak criminal notebook on the journey with me to the Lower Rhine. „The Lower Rhine?“, whispering Manu echoed.

Want to see sometimes, how long you stand it there?“, besides, she puts to me a warm kiss on my cheek, „I have found what“, did it come of Cher, „you did not say what just now from Ricklinger lowland plain full of lakes and Marion Pitsch?“.Almost I would have my Kojak drop, curiously I shell out through the non-fiction book …it a few sides were absent…„Come lets us go to the outdoor swimming pool, we can look then everybody in the book“, pushed Hans. „Then I shift sometimes the steering wheel and we squeeze everybody in mine MINI“, said Piti. „I believe, I have a Dejavu“, it came out of me. „I look after it immediately“, breathed Manu to me in my ears. „With 5 people in MINI, this what can become“, said laughed Cher and got into the car. — END —

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock