Football finale 1974 and a little Hamburger boy in the airplane on the way to Canada

I love soccer already since child days. I have seen all the plays of the soccer world championship in Brazil in spite of time movement everybody. My small review, my thoughts circle round a flight in the middle during the day of Sunday 07.07.1974 was attached. Aboard a small Hamburg boy, who did not want to be glad at all to fly to Canada.

Football is the nicest secondary matter for me gives. Whenever a soccer world championship stands in a queue again, a prejoy appears with me. Which teams have qualified. Who becomes a world champion? how do we take a short-cut? If I have to look at time, at the group plays, semi-finals. My favorite nation hopefully comes to the finale.

All these feelings come up in me since Mexico in 1970.

In 1974 the soccer world championship was delivered in West Germany. On the playground, shortly before the holidays all nations were discussed, better slammed in the breaks by. Everybody wanted to make his favorite player after or become a break master his with „his nation“. We were interested in every information from radio, newspaper, television, the favorites turned out fast. Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, Holland and of course the Federal Republic of Germany. The east zone / “the GDR” and Yugoslavia were valid as exotics for what some young boys football experts from even today with a bitterly sweet smile give a receipt.

If we disregard the politics and the economic relations sometimes for one moment. Because here in the time Now in 2014 a similar strain of the population is to be felt in Brazil. – maybe, nevertheless, a sentence in addition – a state has the duty all his citizens with the basic needs, food, drink to supply social security, medical care. To put work and education. Then there comes culture and…… Stadium build. So where I was right, my short history.

My parents, were glad that I visited my sister in Canada. It should be on the big holidays. At the beginning my joy was big. My wanderlust was woken up and Canada well sounded for me. I might fly completely alone and discover the world. A dream for me became was. Up to it then seriously became on this Sunday.

I had been able to pursue the football world championship, with your own drama up to this time in my small universe. For the first time on television in black-and-white (who had at that time already a colour TV set on our island Finkenwerder). We lost our first play in my city of Hamburg against the “GDR”. Jürgen Sparwasser could play soccer. We won the rain play in Düsseldorf against Sweden with 4:2. For me Ronnie Hellström was an irrepressible goalkeeper. The water battle of Frankfurt followed against Poland. Gerd Müller, saved me with his 1:0 in the finale.

Now there came the finale, it was Holland with his excellent player Johan Neeskens and the king Johan Cruyff. To me became rotten in the stomach area. For me it came even more badly. My flight to Canada had to go on the 07.07.1974, on the day of the decision. As commonly, I would not be present. If the flight could not have been later……………….

Nothing helped. In the morning we got up, so that at noon that really stupid airplane could be reached on time in Frankfurt. – Only, so besides, noted, the airlines did not offer in 1974 yet from every airport a directly flight, in here and today the options have become better a little bit or? – To come to Canada, was for Hamburg Frankfurt am Main the first possibility.

It went off, we place from the Rüschkanal to Teufelsbrück with the ferry. Of course we missed 286’er bus to Otmarschen. My parents with had roofed everything no problem, these and other incidents. In Otmarschen we reached our rapid-transit railway Nr.1. We had to come few possibilities on an almost direct way to Fuhlsbüttel. Either the S1 to go Ohlsdorf, felt one hour or an adventure journey make, straight through Hamburg. To drive a quicker connection, at that time railway station with the line was from Dammtor No. 9, the good old streetcar possibly. Nevertheless, this was not possible any more, because the company of this distance was put in May, 1974. So, we went to Ohlsdorf and by the coach further to Preetzer Straße. Building sites partly was in the member’s of the Rathsmühlndamm all at once end and the last metres were mastered on foot.

A nice stewardess took care mine. As a resignation my parents had still laid a small surprise for me in my backpack. It was a white T-shirt with the profiles of Gerd Müller, Sepp Maier and Franz Beckenbauer. It was thus a really T-shirt, I drew it immediately. With the help of an other stewardess I got the airplane from Frankfurt/ Main to Toronto. On the flight the flight crew informed me about the final play. The flight radio operator came to me and took me into the cockpit. Here allowed to me the captain a few minutes live the football play to hear. With the landing in Toronto, I was thus the first small Hamburg boy who had a world champion T-Shirt. So nicely can be soccer.

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HP: Of course my days had been very nice in Canada. My sister shows me many nice things. For the first time I saw the Niagara Falls and the autocity of Detroit and a lot more. At home again, I had come my new occupation found. To become my aim football player, I gave up, from now on I wanted pilot wanted to become. But dreams are sometimes foams. I wish all of you a nice vacation, for a great world championship next time.

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Love Greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.