Memories of a port birthday in Hamburg

In early May, when it’s getting warmer, I remember me back at the annual Harbour Birthday in Hamburg. With events boat parades and a bunch of tourists, who are all right seafarers.

The 8th May was at this weekend. Full of anticipation, reading, stood in the newspapers the highlights of the upcoming port birthday. The shrinkage of the ships, the timing of the ship parade, nothing I wanted to miss. Hopefully I would see the Sedov, the Krusenstern, Amerigo Vespucci, SEA CLOUD and of course my Gorch Fock. The list of registered three- and four-master gave me an overview. Not all my ships would come and celebrate the harbor birthday. With my well thought out plan, I wanted to go against the sailors ships. In the morning, the sun was not yet up, I went on my bike on the dike direction to “Cranz”. In the height of the “Müggenburger Loch” a good view was always possible. Luck was on my side, no one was in my place and blocked my view. Lying in wait, I dozed off a little bit.

Anticipation and as a source and virtual assistance is the adjusted video found on my youtube channel. As a small hint, lol, I’m always happy about subscribers.

For obvious at the River Elbe, I woke up with wet feet. A beautiful view of the river Elbe, made me feel peaceful despite wet clothes. By bike and walking briskly, my intention was to “Cranzer pier”. The first large master sailed on to St. Pauli Landing Bridges. The ferry went over to Blankenese. Arrived at Hamburg’s west side, I noticed a group of photographers and pretty model waiting for the next ferry. The “Blankeneser pier” was riddled by tourists. Quiet and serene we cruised with the next ferry to accompanied by an entourage of ships in the center of Hamburg. Arrived on the one kilometer pontoon in St.Pauli I made my way to the “Überseebrücke”. My Gorch Fock moored just. My view of my ship was blocked me from “stevedores and Fastmoker”, so I tried above to get a better look at “Stintfang”. It was hopeless to many visitors flocked from all sides cause. The parade was in full swing and everyone wanted to see the sailing ships. Absolute standstill of the crowds between bridge 1 and bridge. 6

In the rush, no “view” longer possible to do nothing, so I took the next ferry back to Finkenwerder. “The next Harbour Birthday is sailed with me”, were my thoughts..

Today, there are more opportunities to see boat parades in Hamburg. If I’m not wrong, the Hamburg Cruise Days will be held in August. In my mind I’m going to be there, and I have already a plan where I will stand just to not let any ship.

Until the next time, I wish a nice Sunday. Love Greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.