The Life as a pensioner is’nt always easy

A weekend time do and do what you / she wants. Who has not dreamed of it? Before it comes to that, we all the numerous hurdles by us for a week can be demanded. We work much or at least we work the whole week on the weekend. On Monday it begins, whether small or large, everyone is up in the morning, is finished and goes into the day. Who does not just sick or domesticated is bound, tries to come to school or are on the way to work. But what do the pensioners ? What is the daily routine of ? Admittedly, I was as pensioners are left on Monday and simply make nothing or would I start my day structured ?…of course it starts again with…Once Upon a Time…

So a monday, I could be free to decide what I want to do. Recently I was in retirement. A good two years ago, I am for the last time to work hazards. Now I wake regularly without alarm at the same time. Woops, as now at 05:00 in the morning, time to get up, I thought. Why not try to stand up and get ready and easy to go to work without pressure, it came to me through sense simply at the gate and wish the old members a nice day, a man a word, a moment later I stand in the bathroom, shaved me, let the dryer my light hair stroking and sipped in the kitchen, made a pot of coffee ready. With an eye on the clock, it was 06:30 a.m. Up until this point I had to my earlier times already 30 minutes to late, thus already missed the bus, would also have been late for work. It suddenly occurred to me again, why for me in the last few years so painfully goods.

The getting up early, tighten to the bus. Always in agitation and gallop, not time at the bakers in the meantime to drink a coffee, as I do today. No this train has departed, I am not as fast as before. Maybe I should set the alarm but just so fun to take my own time clock, check if it is still on it and i can compete with the active, nor in the people who work each day in the week get up. Tuesday before the alarm rings I awake, as against 05:00 a.m., inspired by the inner urge of a Maker, do I create a personal record with washing and drying in the bathroom. The devil is in the details, I have my clothes not ready, so try me with the tightening to hurry. With fast steps it continues in the kitchen, I feel vital how long anymore, but the clock on the wall smiles me with their hands gracious. It is exactly 06:30 a.m. So a crap, I almost had it done. The goal in mind, I victory safely to the baker. After a cup of coffee, I was again the old, it is fermented in me, why i only spent so much time with the tightening. On the way home I made new plans, as I could bring in new form.

Wednesday, the alarm rings, querulous I press the Off button, stand slowly out of the bed. Slowly I carry me to the bathroom. How could I just this morning stress is good. Why I wanted to stand up again ? With slightly uptight facial features i come to the idea of my entire action, “Yes”, right i wanted to see if i was still create a part of the active working world. I think without long my clothes a little bit faster. A last drink from the coffee cup, my shoes to me and I am already in front of the door. The few meters of course I rushed to the bus, now sitting with all the companions to each other, I realize at once what me everything has been lacking. I go to the station platform track.

When the train enters i think so in front of me. Boarding or not ? That is the question. How stupid i can only be that I left the path to leave, facilitated with my new found knowledge that I still remained a moment at the track below. Yes, I have had it, I would come to work on time. Perhaps had the old colleagues about my visit happy or maybe not. It was at once no matter. Slowly I noticed how my self-made me stress disappeared. If i wanted to prove today because what ?

Thursday, my alarm clock hum no longer, since I had stopped the alarm time. I am happy in the bathroom, make me finished, jumps like a rabbit, slide with stockings in my kitchen. The smell of fresh coffee awakens my well-being. Punctually at 06:30 a.m. it goes to the baker. I can finally released, although it has taken a long time, but now I can say with pride, yes i belong to the old iron. I am no longer be anxious and meetings. I am my own boss and follow only my instructions. Friday, somewhere between Hamburg and the Lower Rhine, i.e. approximately 06:30 a.m in Germany, a satisfied pensioners turns its round, returns the baker and looks forward to his second cup of coffee. Lovely relaxd he comes back home again.

In a good mood i for Saturday and Sunday before, nothing more to me before. Well, there are still many points in my life with which I have not yet f u l l y completed. But the subject of work is definitely no longer a part of my life. I am now arrived home and here I am also. The main thing is my pension is on right time and I can go to the baker and get me bread rolls and…enjoy life.

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock