A reunion with his first love…… Hamburg

Now also after many years I come back as “a tourist” over and over again with pleasure to Hamburg. Best by the train. It is delightfully to be driven about the Harburger bridges directly in the town. With the old imperial railway station, the ‘Dammtor’ I feel immediately again at home. Before it comes to of a flying visit, I already plan weeks beforehand. My firm starting points are made quick. Without seeing planetarium, harbour and my island, it can be no right visit in this town for me. It is always a joy when me my family accompanies, because I have then a good opportunity to discover again old known.

– What did have to do every visitor of Hamburg have seen ……?

In my Hanseatic kind I say less our old tradition is more, completely accordingly. If my “Toruisten” enjoy and indulge at the beginning every town with your lodgings stands and falls. The torture of the choice with the town hotels. Whether now with ‘Planten un Blomen’, in the ‘Gänsemarkt’ or in the harbour, it depends with everybody on his purse. There is a number of possibilities which it hard make to decide. To begin with one fast still said. Who wants to be right Seaman, time should bring itself and start from the city centre. From ‘Planten un Blomen’, about the ‘Colonaden’ stroll in the direction of the river ‘Alster’. A nice walk on the arrival day, sweetens with a small ‘Alster tour’. Over and over again with pleasure.

– Who would want a little bit more……?

Completely after condition Hamburg should be conquered on foot. Please, do not laugh immediately. Of course the good public means of transportation can be used. Only nobody may overdo it in this metropolis. Who has come once in the ‘Jungfernstieg’, over ‘Mönckebergstrasse’, further about city hall and at the end again in the ‘Gänsemarkt’, will understand what I mean. Let alone the small boutiques, ice-cream parlours and arcades which are worth all one look.

– where does it go to the harbour…..?

Best of all gets the visitors an overview on ‘Michel’, the landmark of the town, if then still ask are, I would go in the underground. No, this is no joke. By the underground railways station of ‘Mönckebergstraße’, ‘Rödingsmarkt’ to ‘St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and Reeperbahn’, is always an experience. Nevertheless, for the right hamburgers among us, gets out once more in the ‘Baumwall’ and looks sometimes with the Ship suppliers in the windows, may be also seen of course sometimes on the ‘Elbe’ and from this side to the ‘Überseebrücke’ high. The swimming pontoons catch earlier in than expected.

– When is the best time St. Pauli to be experienced……?

From the cosiness seen by the blue hour. In the afternoon of the ‘Millerntor’ (‘Hamburger Dom’, to the fun fair area) to the Nobistor to rovers. If what has…. But also here please do not exaggerate. In search of the heart of Saint Pauli? To determine difficultly, geographically not at all feasibly. There is alone not only the sinful mile which puts out the heart of this town, because the Reeperbahn always invites for staying. Seriously where there are so many theatres and countless pints at a place. Besides, the wax figure cabinet offers curiosities, even of the old statue ‘Bismarck’ has found in St. Pauli fallen and does not turn away, better said not yet. For the revelers among us, remains always quiet and does not exaggerate, then you can also enjoy the clubs and some nice woman deeply in the eyes look.

– What is there still……?

Well, here we have come in the point for the insiders among ourselves. Without betraying my favorite places, laugh, does this not go or? However, of course. A walk along the Elbe up to the ‘Treppchenviertel’, excursion to the ‘Aumühler Wald’ and the ‘Harburger Berge’. A visit in the numerous museums (really confidential tip it gives which on the water, but psst) and libraries round here the picture of a cosmopolitan city.

How one says so nicely, Hamburg my pearl………..

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock