Only a muse can inspire and brighten the weekend, or ?

After a week of work and the daily stress level suddenly the weekend before the door. Friday evening, I did it. What should I do first? First-time television, with a bread plates sitting on the sofa to watch what is in the tv-box. A few minutes later I realize that I am not interested in what the TV runs, somehow I am too tired to me with the medium of television. My mood drops, even for listening to music, I no longer want. So I am bed…yes i know i am again in the middle of it all…Once Upon a Time

One of these nights that I have enjoyed the whole week. Friday is the day where I come home, stay in the circle with my love family owner . Good mood sitting on the sofa, eating my freshly made bread plates. It can go further, I think that until i on TV the messages look. Information and reports crackling at me down, one is worse than the other. No, I do not want to after my empty plates in the kitchen, I brought me a great idea, why not some music to hang up.

With the music ‘Heart of glass’ from Blondie and Paula Abdul a short time later I am buckled. So, again on standing, train I am tired to go to bed. I sleep peacefully before the midnight hour. Saturday morning, again I forgot my alarm clock off. The same is valid, I do prints off the beeping monstrosity. I take it as a given and not modifiable random my status to at this time to be fresh and rested. So in the middle to 05:00 a.m. is still none of my family alive. Time for me to “the” must be used, I think to myself. With lazy animal movements like I am. Gradually reach the bathroom, lovely if it times is free. With a ‘wish you was here- by David Gilmour’ do I distribute in the rhythmic cycle soap and toothpaste Square opaque through mirrors and washing chest of drawers.

With an imaginary “are certainly more trouble from my sweet treasure” do I remove myself from the place of horror. Easy summend enter i the kitchen and start with a fresh pot of coffee during the day. After the working week, now behind me, my back and neck muscles slightly distorted. A few stretches later i notice but my years of 50 +. I am also not a young bungs more, some relaxation could perhaps have the same effect, it comes to me through the sense. Not long after thinking, do I switch on the radio. Our village radio chanel also reports only dung, I think so, again and again with the same already 1000 times included music pieces. Always the same, don’t telling me that I do not like it today. Armed with the headphones do I turn now the search up to the stop in the left-hand and right-hand corners of the scala range of my radio.

In a moment of silence kisses me the Muse Thalia. “Why you making it not yourself honey”. Mischievous grin, whether Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea, Buddy Guy, Tracy Chapman, “My Music, but must be immediately”, i inferring Final. With a butter grommet in the hand i go into my office room. Here I throw the computer, Thalia whispers what of Eros Ramazotti into my ear, precisely that idea I had also straight, I whispered me itself. With the olympic idea and ‘High energy’ speed of ‘Evelyn Thomas’, I am on the case. In the Internet sweeping brush i through the individual music clip provider. Finally, my sample list of my music is ready. Now and hours later, I put a small break. Just in time, I hope, can I reach the bathroom to make all my tracks to eliminate, as me my wife with a hearty blow on my shoulder and a knowledgeable eye catch in my side looking. Here I am late, lightly i move in the direction of kitchen to my crumbs to eliminate. Here I would also caught, my Aphrodite comes from the bathroom, lovingly pushes me back into the office rooms. “So you stay here and I am right back, write and place your playlist on publicly and save it”, is determined by my wife. With a humming ‘La Vie en Rose’ on the lips, I do it me back on the hammock comfortable. Grace Jones will be inserted in my list, how could i have only this Jamaican French singer Grace Mendoza forgotten. On Calliope’s wings I sit now in my office and I talk to myself. After I had dealt two videos, passed a large part of my olympic muses. The lunch was joined by Klio to me. Yes, I should write a history. But first it was time for my afternoon nap. On Saturday afternoon I could at the German federal football league in television enjoyment, until the evening I analyzed results, a simple perfect day went to the end of carefree.

My History Muse demanded their tribute to write on Sunday I thought to my new short story. I always wanted to something about music and television writing. Purely philosophical i would write it from my point of view, simply start to tell, for example, as I said on Friday of the work come to my family and me am and then my readers with an imaginary topic or have titles such as “Muses influencing forces?”, with into my boat. Or so it could be similar to fold or ? The example of Kamakawiwo’ole (IZ) inimitable voice, were determined to me my records only to flow over the paper, perhaps I leave this time for the open end, who knows what a pity that the Sunday always over so quickly and we have too little time remains for Klio , Thalia and Aphrodite in our lives, we will take the time to relax.

We start the week start in a good mood and make us a personal Monday bingo with the things that we do not want to hear. Take all the points that we call loudly bingo and go home earlier, it would be conceivable or ? Life is too short to be miserable experience.

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock