Cher, I and the disappeared MINI car steering wheels on the Freeway 3…. Part II

For me the day had run. Nevertheless, I tried to calm down. Would the culprit be one day caught? I got a notebook and wrote down everything what occurred to me. „It is not a federal Freeway 3 (F3), from the north to Freiburg, on the Elbe, how wide to mash region? Lakes, Hemmingen, Buxtehude“, to me so many thoughts went by the head that I was not able to do any more rationally thinking, exhausted I lay down …

This level explanation of the police officer bothered Cher. To switch off she undertook a walk. On old ones winding to paths on Finkenwerder, in the rear part of the local velvet was you at home, past in the outdoor Finkenwerder public pool, now in the old area of your childhood, pondering over not more available streets, she reached quickly the dyke in the near of Cranz water bridge construction, at this evening time of day the wind stood inland, quickly she ran up to the ‘Mühlenberger’ hole. What she had not investigated at that time everything, now all tracks ran in the sand.

With her long walk she reached the Cranz Estonian’s barrage. „What already so far“, from the nearby bus stop she drove back again to Finkenwerder. This time the journey lasted a little longer, because a car with breakdown obstructed the long access road. The police was occupied just to channel the traffic in the minute tact by the scene of the accident, not quite simply, haltingly and slowly Cher drove past the damaged car. A rotten feeling climbed up in her, finally, it had come in to the Finkenwerder landing stage in.

Review in the middle of 1968, in an event of information to enlargement the F 3 –

Why must we give way Hemminger then everybody? You can pull your federal freeway 3 with the route guidance about Westerfeld, there place is enough”.”This would mean add-on costs which go then to the millions German marks, lets us, nevertheless, sometimes in rest about the architect’s plan look, besides, we also look at the interventions in the nature“, reassuring this did not sound what the responsible building authorities leader of Hannover, from himself gave.

He specially had to himself for this event a neutral place, select an old established restaurant in Ricklingen, the hall, with marvellous view of the ‘Ihme’ river, was booked up to the last place, information wanted to have many affected adjoining owners from Hemmingen, lime-trees and surroundings. A difficult job for Ronald Pitsch who looked for a good solution for all partners. It is typical to bring over and over again Westerfeld into the play, then I can close to our utility vehicles repair service“, it came out of Peter Junghans, he was concerned with his whole family mostly by the planned street widening of the F3. You have sent to my brother Klaus already such an expropriation letter, now that can close his workshop and thereby the business with Britsh Leyland very probably slips through the fingers of Him. This is an arbitrary dictatorship that not only a hot autumn becomes in Berlin, start only with dig“...„Here so we are to be found around a solution, MINI friends must hold together“, now Mrs. Bettina Lorz intervened, she was an acting head of department of the expropriation authority Hannover. “Kiss my ass”, in a fury Peter Junghans left the restaurant …Bettina Lorz got up and also left the hall, she had forgotten a briefcase in your car, in the carriage standing, searching after your door key, she heard all at once “Good evening”, in a hurry she turned round, before nothing but fright read them the car key to ground fall.

The alarm clock tore me from deep sleep, finally, a few moments later I strangled the wretched ringing tone. Slowly I brought my physical cover in the kitchen. Again one rang, this time in the Haustüre. „One what is wrong then today morning only“, muttering opening I welcomed Hans in the door. He wanted to help me in the move, in his hands he carried along one dozen folded move cardboards. „Good morning, where with it ?, coffee ready?“. „Good morning, put down somewhere, I am not yet so far, I believe, I shift the move“. Hans grinned to me broadly against and sounded my experiences of the yesterday’s day. Everything bubbled once more of me out, with Cher on the police station, from the sent radionews up to the point what I had still noted everything. „Show sometimes your notes, maybe still what occurs to me“, with these words he flew over my slip of paper.

It became quiet in my kitchen, because I with read non trouble wanted, I looked for the phone number of my new renter on the Lower Rhine, actually, I wanted to move as fast as possible, now I could not break loose from my island. At this moment my thoughts were interrupted, because I heard from Hans: „What has occurred to me“. “What…”, was my first thought Hans could have occurred …

To be continued…

Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock