Summer 2015, Mr. Glossi like holiday’s, Adieu, next year will be all better…

On time in the autumn is the end with the summer. Again I do not have anything done what I have set myself. But the main thing is “healthy”, as here on the Lower Rhine always says. A little bit i feel like Mr Glossi. What you do not know Glossi ? But it is time that I am presenting to this Ima-gi-nare (in my imagination) person, how is looking for happiness and peace with everything and everyone. Always when it me or you well, we get economically or politically a task thrown between the legs with which we must accept. The situation we experience it in the near environment in the family, at our friends or on the work. We / I have never had a long period of time in order to enable us to the situation. No, we carding the sleeves and pull, towing, fields everything from the dirt, what we have in the way. Until the next blow is coming and we get something on the nose. Philosophically speaking, I paraphrase it once with the holiday we will probably never be allowed to take so as we want it and when we want it. Therefore, at the beginning of the year I, of course my ego Mr. Glossi, very many things that he wants to change. It starts at the New Year’s eve with the forging of good intentions for the new year to… oh again right in the middle of…Once Upon a Time…
Mr Glossi, had made this year hard to make things better, not like in the last year, everything is not so worked with his wishes. To leave much he had, the whole year his family and his friends hardly seen, on the work he could to his boss never say no, he made and ran when the boss is demanded, without regard to his private life, the company was everything for him. Overtime and working as a hamster in his wheel. As vegetated it year after year. His children and his wife hardly saw him, because he is always on the work. Just in time for holiday, he could not remember, when was the last time he had holiday. Rose Monday, Easter Monday he had one day of leave, Pentecost was free, he had to take a vacation, because it was the best way to manage operationally, had his shift leader said. Pentecost was nice, he could with the family relaxd breakfast. Its rare moments of happiness were football games on television that he had been together with his son could watch. In the summer he would like to see two whole weeks lazing around. This was impossible for his employer, the company could not be longer than 10 days in a piece on him renounce. Perhaps he had a chance Christmas or New Years Eve to get free, otherwise everything would collapse if it is missing. Under the cloak of secrecy told the boss Mr.Glossi that it’s bad for the company, despite the million sales year for year. Mr.Glossi believed it and entrusted his boss. Now places the bomb in June, the company announced that the location has been closed. And over here is the working set, next year will be closed. We do not need You more, take it to note Mr. Glossi and now go back to your workplace. A fact which so cold sound for him, it was inhuman what from the executive board days came. In this moment term Mr Glossi that he is not alone. 20,000 people lost their jobs at once. Now what ? What do I do ? What will become of me ? I have not done anything for the company ?
Daily flapped always new horror messages from the director level, Glossi’s direct superior goods at once all busy in telephone conferences to the Board to report whether everything still in your teams is running. The Team Manager has been applied, any activity in the workers to capture. Until the final conclusion, the task of the company should be used as if nothing had happened. Control is the only thing that counts for the employer. Each of the employees should be in this time have a guilty conscience… Stop Stop, I know this but from somewhere. This or a similar way I have experienced a few times. Correctly, what we are experiencing now runs like a red thread, since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949, economically speaking, continuously by our country. From our employers, with their powerful workers associations shall be kept artificially stupid we sent. So we until the last day to do everything for the company and for the thanks we get as a reward the termination. Gone are the times when each of us 30 and more years has worked for a company. Historically, it began with the reconstruction of Germany. On those days was in the country anywhere to find work. There were social security screens, health insurance companies. The Glossi’s that time had with her hard work is a foundation which is until today, decades later still holds. Appreciation was worldwide from the German economic miracle spoken. What did it that we do not have peace treaty were given that the living among us at occupying powers with Argus eyes observe how we developed, the main thing is that we have work, only this is crucial. With a header in the permanent control, we have pressed in a system that is not our. Never again should be start a war from Germany. Admittedly this is a simple idea, that sounds so simple you can / I experienced the behavior, the self-understanding of the points work at the German of course not explain. Work makes happy, we had filed or ? I leave it that way. So what are we Germans because in known all over the world ?…In no case must make sure that we are fighting and strike and can say no. No we are known for our diligence, of course also in the negative sense for our way always as a top-of-the-teachers to work. We are a nation of poets and thinkers, try everything with diligent work to explain. We are simple and quick to manipulate that everyone knows German employers. Life in order to work, yes that is our motto. We have just worked, slept, stood up every day, year in and year out. Until we are at the beginning of 1960 it finally managed. In the form of small holidays has been slowly a little freedom to be recovered. Holiday, it was finally, as far as we could break. Oh, it is everything in order, confident we have mastered everything what we have been applied. From occupying powers have been friends, from employers a necessary evil. Perhaps we should finally mentally stand up and simply not always records hunting. We should more often the word free time and leisure use and the employer. 70 years have the small people the carts pulled out of the mud and us not under churning. It is time that we finally also times of our families and friends think.
Oh yes, almost forgotten what is for now from Mr. Glossi good intentions?
After the shock with the closure of its company processes, he works for the company. The working point is now further away. No problem, overtime for the company that was once. He surrenders to not pause more, he is no longer on the search for happiness, because he has already found. His holiday he is still in his family circle. The desire for each coming year has again and again the same with him. You know the intent also or ? As we say here is always on the Lower Rhine so nice. The main thing is that “healthy”.

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice weekend. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock

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