What is the oldest profession in the world? Of hunters and collectors of a courtesan and mistresses…

To admit of a trick question, depending on the level of education can be viewed differently. After a few moments of intense reflection i come to hunters and collectors. Quite clearly, without these brave men and women in groups and embedded klane a community, we were already long extinct. That was easy but very satisfied with my answer I am not yet. Perhaps I should be the meaning of the word professional redefine it. A few thoughts later i come to exercise an activity, at the same time I question the vocation. It depends more of properties or from their own talent, which from one generation to the next is inherited. Are us since our birth professional opportunities the selection already in the cradle where ? Oh, I am already in the middle of the theme of my story…Once Upon a Time

In a beautiful round, when I was sitting at the garden table with my friends and love women, I wanted to grill food times of the individual gears to shorten. My proposal is a knowledge duel was accepted by all sides. The game with not quite genuine questions could begin, the established the parties were quickly found. Men against women. It is always funny how each of the groups to find each other and in the end what comes out of it. A small competition among friends, who is the wisest and who has the funniest answer, also light conversation. The winner does not need to wash and clean. A game has no winners or losers. We started with the question which is now the oldest profession in the world ? The ambition to just not to lose was awakened. Men against women, to the places …finished… go.

Now came the following responses therefore flown, hunters and gatherers, Gravedigger, tax collector and my favorite courtesan and mistresses, came from the men’s side. With loud laughter of women was immediately objected because no professional hunters and collectors. Glad we were men us now with farmers, healers and priests from each other. We men had to accept all women answers. Task status for us men are not up for debate. Since our hunters and collectors are not made, we quickly with Greek Hetaren.

For this we had to accept the women the nuns. As arguments were now the various computer and each game options ready participants was so busy on the Internet to find answers. With our dead tombs we had no luck, although it is always died, but none of us men could be a fixed point in time a document showing where this profession is mentioned. But it is strange or ? Therefore no point for the men. The women could with their farmers and healers points. Regardless of faith and time registers we had no chance and men suffered with priests since the beginning of the new era a further setback for our point.

The women had guaranteed to win a competitive edge and played out on the tax collector for fun. There should be a list. We men declared, said, seen and written as basically legitimate, insisted that it Sodom and Gomorrah. So we got points for mistresses and Hetare. I was in the same context of the noble profession of the geisha. My male players to facilitate breathed. Close to a point equal standing, it was our women difficult, our professions listed do not apply to you. Who would like to in this moment also contradict, we had (men) us so much effort given to all honorable profession to documentary evidence. The women included the internet line, now it was seriously, we were on the high point of the game.

It was a toilet break. We had expected in the minds of men that the winner of the evening. After we refreshed, were our women together and visited all of our bathroom. My male colleagues and I were not sure who had won. Endless minutes passed, finally came Our Lady. It has been calculated that we had an equal level. Now it has been carefully again every single profession of the women. Through my introduced geisha called we had more professions and thus a balance is achieved. It was missing the women had a profession. We all looked clamped. I broke through the crackling silence with the question: “Should I make coffee?”. Actually I wanted to women with this wink the profession of cooking suggest. Here we had men rejected because these activities until much later as a real profession was awarded. Unexpectedly objectively i heard my wife say:

” The narrator is the oldest profession, without the traditions of the storytellers were we not to continue to develop. The told word has been passed on from generation to generation”.

I was speechless and could the comments my woman is nothing against that. We were brave men on and made us on the way into the kitchen. The next time we play City, Country, River, I whispered to the men, women have a natural geographical weakness, I have heard and read and then we will be able to sit on the couch and enjoy our coffee…

to visual support of mine youtube canal

Until the next time, I wish you a nice weekend. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock

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