Real men sweeten each summer festival, a reunion with friends…

There is nothing more beautiful than in the summer in a cozy round with friends or family to be able to chat and a bit of fun. Food and drink at these encounters play an important role, with in the course of the co-one it is rather to neglect or ? A bit more attention is given to the common conversations, which certainly is not missing. Depending on the outcome of these similarities, there may be a forest setting in the next opportunity. Let us this beautiful day or the start of the evening in different countries and decide to take all the way to the desire and mood, where we prefer to be. Of course it starts again with… Once Upon a Time

In the center of northern Germany had Wilhelm Till all his friends on his rural property invited, in anticipation he did work since the early morning. He had to create more space in the old hall for the evening party, have been the first time chests of drawers, chairs, tables and carpets worn out, so everything is being swept, cleaned and vacuumed, already could be done. A exhausting work, the whole of his planning can be required.

– We see on the basis of the few examples that in germany everything is planned in the spirit we play every detail, everything has to be perfect, even before the first guest arrives. –

In the vicinity of the Garonne on the rural estate of Salvatore de Bergerac would the lord of the house of light snoring noise awakened. He ordered his senses and found that it was with a surrounding table cloth under the table completely sufficient, go in the morning to sleep. A beautiful day was only begin when it is the scent of coffee and croissants could feel.
With a hearty pat on the back of the snorer individual Jaque, made Salvatore his friend that he clearly after a breakfast demanded. Jaque rolled of his ceiling and sneaked into the house. From the wide was slight noise from the kitchen to hear. Satisfied with himself slept Salvatore again. Its gentle thoughts circled the previous day of the summer wind-resistant to his court took place. Until the early morning was laughed and philosophize. It should not be the last long night

– Quite clearly we are in France, somehow is always busy with what, for leisure, freedom or with the meaning of life, whether what for me it is ?…

The first rays of sunlight fell on the finca of Don Quichotte. Sancho Panza, faithful friend and supporter of the Knight without grace, was in the early morning hours so busy, all star-shaped Bola’s on to collect the Roberto Don Quichotte last night cross and cross on the finca to own mill had distributed only to his Dulzinea against dangerous plunge knights to protect. A few Bola’s cords clack provoked by the wind driven hard sealed on the mill wheel. The hours passed, Sancho needed a break and was on his way to the kitchen.

– it is no matter where we are in the southern area, whether Italy. Spain and Portugal. Here is the lightness of being celebrated, switched off and in the day. So we start time and let us turn a drive –

It was finally managed to Wilhelm had just begun to all the tables in the hall in the form of a horseshoe. Then came Carmen with the list of guests around the corner. A welcome change for Till that did not want to party had. Carmen saw her husband, a strange feeling it increased at the sight in the nearly finished hallway upward. During which tried the Eulenspiegel the chairs around the tables in a 60 centimeters distance from to balance. Party or not, if not the whole preparations were. A barely audible sigh of him was perceived by Carmen. Here you had to act. “Till, come to listen to that we pack a few things and go to Salvatore“, said her lovely voice. Loosen the word with a nod, Wilhelm followed his wife. A few minutes later they were already on the way toward Bordeaux. Such a surprise visit with friends was exactly the right thing for him. On the way to the airport arrived Carmen on an even better idea, in the hall of the hamburg airport snapped you a free phone cell and called them with Salvatore. It rang…

Finally woke up Roberto early at noon on. After a few steps he was on its terrace. Dulzinea and Sancho enjoyed the freshly pressed lemon juice. As you noticed Don Quichotte silent both, it was the sweet smell of conspiracy in the air. “Aha caught“, hummed Roberto to meet them. Grinning switch it an orange and made it on the terrace. “Well, what concocts you two again from ? It has what with the Luna Parite to do?”.

Roberto was curious, but he was not from his two love was inaugurated, knew Dulzinea and his good friend only all too well that Don Quichotte no secrets keep for yourself. “We are celebrating here on the Finca Amigo”, came it from Sancho. “Now I will soon have a little make clean, tonight is go”.

With these words he stood up and left a puzzle of Roberto sit at the table. “We need more lemons, who came, I ride quickly after Mancha and hole Lemons”, said Don Quichotte.

What was it like again

“You stay here and help me in the kitchen”, made clear to her husband Dulzinea were removed they are wind from the terrace.

La cousin de Bergerac“, logged Jacque on the phone. At the other end was Carmen, “Mon Amie Jacque, we are at the airport and want in the south to Roberto, fancy and of course Salvatore to be there?“.

Salvatore finally came under the table, small hunger reported that. After a few steps he was in the kitchen and saw his friend on the phone speaking. What in the world was now back off. “Who is on the phone?”, asked Salvatore. Jacque submitted a „Oui, mais naturellement, ah we come“, the handset.

“So mon amie, we drive to la Mancha, this was Carmen. You and Till make a surprise visit to Roberto”, with scarce records was de Bergarac informed, “Bon, if you have no coffee for me, you will call upon Dulzinea to announce us and gather our team together. But passes on the Roberto nothing with get”. Salvatore grabbed his hat and got the small theater bus seating from the garage, To Bordeaux, ah de la Mancha”.

Till stand at the sales counter, waiting for Carmen, “Wait, my darling, we fly to Faro”, came to him rushed Carmen. A few minutes later if you were sitting in the plane, finally away to the south.

It was slowly evening, everything was more or less finished on the small Don Quichotte Finca. Around the mill stood a few tables, a small dance floor was built, all decorated with small Lampignons. The first guests arrived. Roberto was as host in his element, he gave the first carafes of homemade orange and lemon juice. It could now be danced around the Mill. At the same time had the old bus from the airport of Faro Salvatore. The entire theater group welcomed Till and Carmen very warmly, now was it is not far to the destination, leisurely, the trip was continued. In a good mood, at sunset, observed the occupants not the broken left driving light. In the entrance to the Finca heard you have the happy music by Roberto’s Mill. Because suddenly raced a Bola in the windscreen wipers. The bus stopped at the mill, all passengers as well as left stop the vehicle, “Only fast way here and across to the safe dance floor people, the mistaken already starts again plunge knight”, called the guests of the perplexed theater group. A few moments later came Don Quichotte, saw his friends laughed, “What a Pleasant Surprise Dulzinea, look what I’ve caught”, almost unnoticed he threw his last Bola in the direction of the mill wheel.

Up to the next story

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock


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