With the Bike at the right time to arrive, the Lower Rhine is longer than you think…

Here on the Lower Rhine power cycling fun. Most of the cycle paths between the Netherlands and Germany alternate kicking seamlessly with federal road and field paths. Who brings a little time and rest, along the old Rhine gently glide and enjoys the beautiful landscape away from the levee. This Saturday I was glad, that finally it was warm enough to go in the morning in the bike pedals to occur. Cozy shutdown, feel the wind can blow around the ears, with plenty of breaks, just so beating. In the morning, with a view from the window, oh i’m back in the middle… Once Upon a Time

I saw no single cloud in the sky, fast I have made me a cup of coffee, my bicycle is fetched from the shed, a last glance on my card and the Lower Rhine could be conquered. Done and Done I biked fun on the ‘Issel’, direction ‘Bocholt’ where the feet will carry, I had after a good 10 kilometers ‘Hamminkeln’. Up to here, I put a small break.

The first 20 kilometers in legs worth remarking, I felt my tour well. The sun shone with me for the bet. After a good half hour later, strengthened after buns with coffee, found my bike almost by itself the old border way for ‘Dinxperlo’. Years ago, this route as a green border between Germany and the Netherlands, passing endless meadows and farms, I stood in front of the old abandoned customs house. After perceived 50 kilometers told me my long backbone that there is still a long way to go home.

I looked around and slowly I biked direction ‘Aalten’. In a small restaurant, I finally got a big break. Who once here in ‘Aalten’ is, should necessarily be deposit cake. My eyes fell on the colorful bustle of the present market visitors. Strengthened it went to the next market. After a few kilometers I was in ‘Winterswijk’ find. I noticed that my body a great break needed. Exhausted I drove a path through the market. When a hot fried fish stand came very slowly back my forces. “This is a very long way to home”, I thought my eyes were always more clouds in the sky, it was only a matter of time until it to dribble would begin. Up until now it was a wonderful cycling tour, time slow my way home to occur. To see again Holland, on old creep because of past the swimming pool and the ‘Winterswijker’ forest, i reached a others leave limit point. I was glad to know these small paths. It is often the case that not local tourist is hopelessly procedures and on a meadow land. Those who have passed through here or by driving, should not rely on his navigation system while still in the meadows of the brown-white cows, is still in the Netherlands. Whoever wanted to be black-and-white beasts, can be sure to have left Holland.

“Woohoo Germany”, it came to me with the sense that I had my bicycle a longer piece of slide, my back did not want more kilometers to eat. More on Shank’s pony i reached ‘Rhede’. Finally arrived, so close to home and nevertheless from the homeland as far away, I was looking forward to the ‘Rheder’ fair this weekend. Once Around the ‘Rheder’ Church strolling, naturally with the retreat in a small ice cream parlor, desperately my last forces from challenging, i rode the rest of the route without a break in ‘Brunen’ making, in thought to a dry ride home. But it was too late, the disaster took his run shortly before 5:00 p.m. came a country rain on me down. In the middle of the free field, was far and wide no exam up possibility for me to find. Now I recalled that an old sailors and fishermen saying from my childhood, something you should not do if no Morning cloud in the sky stand. Totally soaking wet i could now be in a position to respond. Finally arrived home, I rose from the bicycle, in the middle of the summer, with ice cold legs, I thought only to a hot bath and warm cup of tea. I was so by frozen, but trembling happy to have it done. On the couch, sipping nippend at the teacup, i slept in the soccer show on television at 6:00 p.m. peacefully. Over 80 kilometers I was interested in a day. Next time i go again only bike, if only one cloud in the sky to see or do i since what confusion ?…

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock