Cher, I and the disappeared MINI car steering wheels on the Freeway 3….

When fan of novels cost a little, I have devoured by the dozen ‘Jerry Cotton’. On Saturdays at the weekly market in Finkenwerder I got always new reading. With the magazine trader all bookworms met, here was the biggest choice of crime film books and western to find dear readings, mostly the catchpenny simply blindly regularly, in boxes lay around in the display. Every state visitor looked, dug itself thickens by pile. A time to me always lasted between ‘Lassiter’ „…of the last deadly Trial“ about the Erika’s best regards „… deep look in the waiting room“ and Isola Bella’s to journals „…log cabin in the mountains“ finally, my Kojak’s „…death in Manhatten“ crime film collections found. The visit always ended with the cocoa and hot small sausages state, then the reading prey was brought home, well placed under the bed, besides, was already larded in the first page. I saw a notebook without …. oh we are in a new short history ……….. Once Upon a Time

Saturday, finally, a free week-end. Today almost slept off, I wanted to go early at the weekly market and exchange my old novels for new crime novel’s. A short hold at the baker’s, further with a bag of delightfully buns, fast still past in the house of my friend Hans. The old sleepyhead was hopefully quite awake. I was taught of a better one, of course he still slumbered deeply and firmly. This is why I tried by light little stones throwing to become apparent beating at the upper window of the house. Nothing happened, the curtains on the upper floor did not move, at this moment the front door opened and the father of Hans let me in. An embarrassing moment, everything what I wanted to wake up Hans was, without disturbing the father who came just from the night shift. „ How also have a bell“ said the tiredly working man, „Comes in the kitchen, we make to ourselves a cup of coffee to the bread rolls. Or have you brought to me nothing?. Sit down on the chair and make yourselves at home it.” I followed him: „Yes, of course I have brought to you one ……“ further I did not come, because from the coffee smell attracted Hans shuffled in the kitchen, with one smile and a croissant in the hand, the father of Hans left us in the direction of bed going. We got on the way, at the market we met our other friends. Hans and I arrange us later with the Piti (actually Patrizia) and Manuela (Manu) for the common visit in the Finkenwerder outdoor swimming pool. Now I came along with a whole pile of Kojak crime books on the way home.

I stowed away my small treasures under my bed, suddenly held I a notebook without envelope in my hands. „Wat is this?“ curiously I read the title. „Marion Pitsch, finds in the Ricklinger lake.“ Surprised I asked myself: „Where is then now the Ricklinger lake?“ My interest was woken up, I could not lay this work any more away, keenly reading I learnt from a lowland plain full of lakes near Hannover in the federal freeway 3 which the author visited professionally more often than leading officer for the urban building code velvet Hannover around the area for new …. a few sides lacked, it was a credited material history. „Paint something else“ I thought. I packed the small book into my pocket. Just still on time I got to be it at the agreed time with my friends in the outdoor swimming pool. After I had swum a few rounds, I lay down on my cover and brought out the Ricklinger lake book again, it were absent as said a few sides, when I could read a few passages again, I learnt from the dredged gravel lakes in the old Freeway3 ( F3 ) in which an amount of stuff was found in the course of the years for the preparation of a new beach bath. “So a dung“ was absent again a piece, in the middle of the notes it went on. There followed some information about reforestation of the green arrangements, up to the place, with a tragic finding at which a young woman could be rescued in theirs Mini Cooper only deadly in the being obvious beach lake. By the recovery the steering wheel of the car was absent. „Oh, now it becomes exciting“ keenly I further turned the leaves, a pity not all sides existed, I learnt on the last sales how much work behind it put around with the help of concrete and planks a road protection around the Ricklinger lake to form and enough against silt up to protect. Summing up about the drily writing style that the listing from found to objects for me could have been more, I put back the ready read book again in my pocket. Meanwhile our nice ladies had arrived now asked for attention. I walked with Piti, Hans and Manu to the springboard area of the free swimming pool, from here we had a marvellous look at the Elbe, besides, telling from the Ricklinger lake, I made the proposal to go sometimes to a quarry pond, maybe we also find sometimes what, I joked in the round, there ended a marvellous summer day.

Years later, more by chance, I heard from a women’s corpse in the nearness of Schneverdingen, the young woman drowned in the river Veerse. It concerned a tragic misfortune, she passed away in theirs MINI R50 convertible, it was strangely in this accident news that the steering wheel had disappeared, a fact itself the police could not explain. „Nevertheless, moment, there was what“, could I help?“ The thing bothered me, something lasted to me again Marion Pitsch it occurred. I swung myself to the phone and called my old friends, could maybe remind itself still of our visit in Hemmingen, where we swam almost all lakes by and went down, in search of treasures or a steering wheel. The telephone calls led to no new knowledge, up to an invitation for the coffee drink with Manu, whom I took with thanks in, I could get nothing informal out.

What was in it still in Marion Pitsch”s material notebook?, to an internal desire in me after, I wanted to get to know more about the F3. Where I could make a find, in the Finkenwerder book hall my friend Cher Lock explained to me that I searched a needle in a haystack. I dealt for days with accident statistics, road casualties and found nothing the useful. Also with Cher’s to help and your idea to turn the leaves through the local newspapers along the F3 was a track in nothing led, unusual was not to be discovered, result like zero. So I rejected all my thoughts and buried my detective instinct.

There passed again years, to me Cher called and told me about a MINI Carbrio which one had got at bank works on the Oevelgönner mill pond out. All details tuned it, dead woman, missing steering wheel, police stood before a riddle. I could not calm down at all, after I had the conversation finished ones, I tried to remember once more everything what Cher and me had investigated at that time. With little success, all my efforts ran in the sand. By my forthcoming move I forgot after these funny events for a while to which only so I could explain to myself that the police and commissioner had chance still no success and there was no track of my culprit.

A few days later I read in the Finkenwerder weekly paper the following advertisement: „Budgetary resolution, the heirs give away a good 100 Mini Cooper steering wheels to collector or lover, with interest please under Ciffre 742 announce“. My hands became stiff before fear. At the next night I had nightmares, weld wet the next morning I woke up. After a strong coffee I thought to myself about the unknown murderer, why he was untraceable. Cher and I went to the police and told everything what we knew and had brought in experience. The examination of our suspicion produced nothing, also my hot track with the advertisement in the weekly paper resolved in air. It concerned at the announcement a late owner of a small workshop who collected with his predilection for English cars, steering wheels. The son did not want to throw everything on the garbage and, therefore, advertised in the newspaper. So the explanation of the police, was not any more there, everything only a silly chance? My senses had been mistaken, there was no sign for a murder series on the F3. I brewed up so end with it, when I came again home to me one more pot of strong coffee, exhausted I did the radio, with the played music songs my good mood slowly came again. Besides, I turned the leaves through the television newspaper when I got on the radio just still the news with: „The police requests of assistance in the population, in a tragic accident death which had occurred in the nature conservation park Buxtehude with the F3. Mini became from the water ….“ I switched off the broadcasting button of my radio, shaking my both hands clasped the cup of coffee … …

As long as to the next part comes, some fun of my canal

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock