Cher Lock’s grandson also likes today no school uniforms…….

Who has luck comes to the school, discovers his individuality and enjoys life. Who has bad luck comes to the school, is pressed in old mental forms and has lifelong after see. Cher Lock always had a feel what just in fashion was announced. Whether practically or smartly, quite all the same, central issue not too coldly or warmly drawn. Thus she had gone to school as a youngster in 60′ ties and had become big. It was carried what liked or what one had. What would have rebelled Cher in this time against school, state and petty bourgeois. Once Upon a Time……..

a time, there was still learnt in the schools. Old person teacher had to fight with himself whether still boxes on the ears might be distributed in the lessons or not. Order ruled in the classrooms till the middle of 60′ ties. All at once it was rebelled in the whole country. – here I must insert that I have only one small idea of the hamburgers / Schleswig Holstein schools or had, should be non trouble, however, in the other course of the history or? –

What entered slowly with the music of the Beatles the classrooms, clothes style and hair splendour, found with the combustion of the brassieres his climax and brought a whole generation of today’s old teachers and managers in ebullition. Who had taken up in 1968 just his study, identified about his things, his music with the outside world. A „Make Love Not War“ was an attitude to life. Also many have still experienced the student revolts in the Federal Republic of Germany with. Who puts on his hat of the morality him today from the persons responsible in the Ministries of Education and the Arts, has forgotten a lot and goes here to far back in his paternalism towards the adolescent schoolboys who themselves must decide what they want to draw or carry.

In 70′ ties I have carried ringlet pullover and wrong art nappa leather trousers, in the music no compromises were made on the playground, either ABBA, Sweet or Slade, we had clear images. We have carried what was in and cult, our source of information were the newspapers “Bravo und Melodymaker“. I say only: „Banana swimming trunks and Bonanza wheels, Hot pants and triangle T-shirt were a duty“ Our trainees, waiting on your firm employment as a teacher, had to form no problems the lessons freely and to provide for us in summer on the meadow the lesson with ice and bikini. We would not have kept a firm English clothes order at all by.

Thus we have also slided (I) in 80’ties. – School is out – was the new motto for the young first-time employees who brought in your aimed position, at that time 12 school years in the vocational schools behind themselves and spent the lessons together between reason, secondary school pupil and real schoolboys. We were ‘preppies or punks’ – no future was announced. We would have burnt a desired clothes order or would have smoked and the subject would have been ready. I remember schoolboy and student demonstrations for the part in the town Hamburg – Rotherbaum were announced and ended in the district in St. Pauli with Pali cloths. Whether for the peace against ‘Helmut Schmidt’ or ‘Franz-Josef Strauss’, central issue ‘Hafenstrasse’ lives … …. We could be liked nothing.

90′ ties were really tame, ours old 68’ties have got your children without big revolts in the school, the introduction of nice and good private schools was a subject which dealt for many with a uniform order, more of a felt adaptation. At this point a nice greeting to all ‘whale village schoolboys’, also here one became clothes order impossibly knitted, because there would not be enough personality and development for the single schoolboy if everybody was pressed in a dress. One generation of the softies was styled and generated by parents who can define no clear opinion today with your images. Lies maybe also with the music with ‘Techno’ and ‘Love Parade’ was ubiquitously present.

Now we have come in the new millennium. What is approved in the north of Germany as things in schools and is carried, attention finds in the middle of Germany. Does not become in the east of the country as a subject was taken, except a group of schoolboys brings jumper’s boots or is pushed away itself answering and in gentle manner in Bavaria to the parents and is turned under the table, we refrain sometimes from crossing and headscarfs. Here the schoolboys have no more opportunities for development for me. Always roofs on politically correctly and nobody abusive, in his faith, we head with full vigour for a uniform schoolboy in Germany. Who has to experiment today as adolescent fear at school with the help of music and things to enjoy life, it has to manage in the later life hard this with other people which he / they are since the school „in or out“. I hope, we will not experience it any more which is carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany a clothes order at schools. As well as I count on the individuality of every schoolboy. Cher Lock’s grandson says no to uniforms, to of a society of ‘George Orwell’, no to conformist life-style and you what likes her, she needs no clothes order at your school.

As a small example and sometimes against the stream thought……

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock

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