Vacation is the nicest time in the year, with little money in the pocket conquer the region.……

The nicest time in the year is the vacation for all employees. In the circle of his nice days love spend, simply sometimes from switch and fill up the batteries. Only who can afford vacation still? In the country of the thinkers and writers work more and more laboriously on earning her day-to-day maintenance, there nothing more is left for spare time and holidays. Not to forget rents, stream, assurances, not to reach the fare around his job, eat up almost the whole income. With a wicked smile I have said goodbye in 2015 again to my holiday plans. Many will stay at home like me and afford the small joys on Balkonien. Provided a comfortable corner stands in the undeveloped outskirt area at possession. Wer dieses selbe Schicksal mit mir teilt, sollte nicht verzweifeln, so …. Once Upon a Time … ….

again to drive no money, for the rest, around in the vacation so far, holiday time, 14 days, finally, freely and again and what now? When rest the first sometimes and are relaxing, a little bit clear up, on the weekly market go, nobody rushes me. Thus said it was made, in the evening my freshly brought radishes and my farm breakfast tasted to me excellently. How fast does however, thus one holiday day pass what I plan then for tomorrow?

After came getting up a thought to me, why I do not discover the world, I live then only to work, no, I alter to life. By the bicycle on the peregrination which discover world on the Lower Rhine pack fast a small picnic basket and off it goes. I had not looked for a long time any more after my wheel. With him fast run away it had taken care with the view on my mobile mat for the moment. Both tyres were flat, of course none of the tyres wanted to keep the inflated air with itself. This makes generally nothing, I do this, after the midday I will repair it, nevertheless, would be joked if I did not get this there. After lunch laid I me to the strengthening of the present job on my hammock and dozed off. Just still on time at the supper time I woke, hurried hotfoot to my bicycle and found out in amazement that I needed more time was dear than to me around everything again to fix. In the early evening hours it is not worthwhile any more to take to the road, I thought thus with myself, oh what does it have to do, we have only the second holiday day and still a lot of time what is there in the goggle-box? Some jam Stullen and morning I could get cracking full energy. With a good feeling I lay down and dozed off.

Tomorrow anyhow thanks beginning July heat my circulation in early does not come to swing and today on the third day a round with the wheel stands on my plan. Now with water and coffee it goes direction …. where I want to go then generally? For the moment under it to the river, I long for a fresh breeze. These will be about 5 kilometres with the pushbike. I make this loose and about 10 o’clock I will conquer a bank, with look at father Rhein. Laboriously I torment myself the hills of the single bridges in the federal highway high. The shortest way is not always nice and in the warm weather it is tantalising to be trampled, but what I do not make everything to come fast sometimes to the Rhine. Finally, created water, ships, fresh wind, my park-bench is free and now is enjoy announced. So after one quarter hour it became dull to me, so I further drove down in the riverside, past the swimming pool, „Why I have no swimming trunks, besides,“, I could lie so nicely in the water. Why do not go to the bath? For what I plan, I also make. The whole distance I have cycled again back, with firm look forwards I thrashed about the last bridge high. With heavy step on the pedals I got not to scale it any more in the light way cycling the bridge point, I had to descend weakly. My vigour was raised, I put down my wheel in the bridge area, with the last strength, a clutch in my basket, drank I greedily, used all my stocks for on the way on. Thus strengthened with new swing the most precipitous bridge was rolled on the Lower Rhine down. When I came at home, I was ready with the world. „Today with the scorching heat I do not go any more in the outdoor swimming pool“, I imagined. Now I knew what the world discoverers of the continents and colonies at that time felt, contently I fell on my hammock and was up to the evening dozing with it occupies my whole day experiences to process. Why wander in the distance, at home it is comfortable and, moreover, I have time, tomorrow everything will clap and the swimming pool will belong to me. After the supper I squeezed with returning forces with relish the remote control of my television, by chance I got that all outdoor swimming pools were full packed in North Rhine-Westphalia.„ Who drives also to the outdoor swimming pool with this heat“ it is too hot there outdoors.……………

The early bird catches the worm, on the fourth day I woke on my bunk, in spirit full energy putting, only my steel-hard body signalled to me that my extended spine, my legs needed a break. With such a muscular strain is not to be joked, without fail it is made clear to one that the good old times are over. Yes earlier I was able, there 15 kilometres of bicycle would have to me go made no difference. A luck which has not suffered my ego so much from it. After I had rested substantially and now the flat flashes shiningly was cleaned, I forged a new plan, the last week of my vacation should become the nicest one. I divided to me small segments in my daily routine. Today in the morning weekly market, tomorrow outdoor swimming pool, small tip is not so overcrowded it, the same one is also not valid for the meadow lake u.s.w Why sometimes a round mini-golf play? So a muscular strain does not throw me back, I am fit enough for small enterprises now, finally, there is still coach and road. Who goes early, to that hears the world. Thus everything was conquered by me what I wanted, Bocholt, Rhede, Moers, Rhine mountain. Of my joy, I discovered on one of my small flying visits a small ship which brought passengers to the other side of the river in Orsoy in the direction of Duisburg, something like that is whole after my taste, with a fat one grin crossed I the Rhine. There are many places which are feasible for little money and if I do not feel like it, simply at the midday siesta hold on my hammock doze, disturbs nobody, on vacation I have time, nobody rushes me.

14 days have fast passed if I have a free week-end again, I go again about the dyke or to the weekly market. Longing and wanderlust stay at home lifelong deeply in me in it if the money does not reach, I just take vacation, with my plan B in the pocket and enough water and coffee in the basket … … … … …. it will become nice certainly again.

to the priming coat, some fun from my canal

Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock


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