In the constant change the state servant on the distance has remained, rationalised away, now privatised away and what?

In the working life the employees should be adaptable. Earlier an enterpriser would have said: „The right man or the right woman at the right place and it runs“. This time I would like to give a small insight into the mad change of formerly state authorities on the long way in the privatisation. Who thinks that I lie not properly, that can make his own searches and think even out how the time has changed in the comfortable office tubes. Away from the bureaucracy with the workers, employees and officials in the civil service standing who make your duties cheers the community every day your duties do, every change and clearing from locations take without grumbling properly and in the corporations and enterprises. „Welcome to the group“ … … Catch we in with … … … …. Once Upon a Time……

in the country of Germania, there were sometimes authorities in everything his order was. Who worked for the state of Germania, had luck quite all the same in which municipality, circle, town, labour office, post, hospital, et cetera, he or they were occupied. Many generations of families and like-minded people were proud on it to be a part of the big and whole one. For every employee a job existed „in the office“. Since centuries Germania was valid as diligent and correct. Sometimes were made in the government forms, ministries and offices to mistake what there has not been at emperor’s times, it was adapted politically seen during the last years, was corrected by the state and served cheers the general public. There was and are the civil servants, an effigy of organs, in the construction contagiously at police and finance levels, just the group of the civil servants.

A part of this system I might get to know Germania in west, thus from 1980, is easily outlined by me. An almost forgetting review, as it was once.

Straight structures from the upper level of the Federal Ministry of the post and telecommunications, middle level with the upper post managements (land post management of Berlin) up to the easy levels of the telephone exchanges all income was led away from the telephone subscribers and telephone facilities in the budget cash. Everything was earned what – at that time we speak of 23 Pfennig (14 € cent) per unity with a domestic telephone connection – could become from citizen seen and after completely moved, regulated in the wage agreement for workers, federal employee’s wage agreement, in federal salary tables well substantially graded in A, B, C, D for officials. We see clearly here completely, it is worked cheers the general public and is paid.

The small difference between even receiving earns, gains and from taxes paid-up here I save with the statement: „No we become and were paid not by tax money “, but from the special property of the alliance, – for interested readers I recommend a look in Art.143b to basic law – change of the special property German Federal Post Office –

With this firmly well-wornly form of the distribution of financial means lets itself earn no money. Until one day in Bonn, after countless meetings the determining decision was liked for the privatisation. A beginning from the end? who knows. Laws, places and employees had to be moved. A long way, to it to the brought through postal reforms (not to forget in the same connection the restructuring with the German Federal Railroad) came and gave it a loosening of the paralyzing authority construct.

After the resolution of the old authorities – from 1985 to 1994 – and training (what passed on the 09.11.1989 in Germania?) the corporations, German post, Deutsche Telekom and German postal bank were brought to life by 5 new federal states, the birth of the postal succession enterprises. The old administrative machinery was closed and establishments originated in many locations in bundle Germania. From employees became employees. In 1995 the pink giant had only the state as a sole stockholder. Then from the 16th of May, 1995 this national share on the stock exchange could buy to itself every Germania inhabitant. The employee of the enterprise did not make profit, the corporation, because he was not involved in the profit. The higher official salary steps disappeared bit by bit, here were developed except agreed salary steps. Workers and employees were folded up and now got a wage agreement. There was not the easy salary step any more, were left the B (middle service) and C (high service) salary steps. Adieu Federal Post Office ministry and upper post management. Now I am occupied in a service establishment and we are to be found all over the country in completely Germania. No more officials were put. For what also, we have enough old relics along the enterprise run. Gold digger’s mood ala „A Germanic career“ from Lee Iacocca ruled in the new Townhall city.

Only in a corporation could be earned, could not go well long. With one: „We must get the employees in the boat“ the group board of directors delivered what of the cake to the rate employees. – Hold so fast – for the moment many small locations did not have to be folded up inside in Germania. This happened without a lot of noise from the year from 1996 to 1997. All employees could or wanted to make to this step not with. Here the ‘pink giant’ noticed that thus a tough personnel mass is to be moved only with the whip and socially acceptable restrictive measures. From 2002-2005 the recreated staff agency / Vivento from the ground was rammed for this. A job destructive employer instrument was created. Rebuilding and centralisation of the employees, distribution on other offices were the result. A part of the employees could not follow his enterprise any more and move, they took a compensation and went. As a sugar bread for them left-over it was introduced 34 hours of week (with concurrent discontinuation of the special payments, better known than holiday money and Christmas allowance) and the variable chances to earn money. In the next next collective bargaining and not freely eligible, the salary was pressed for the moment artificially, with the promise that the lost wage from „15-percent variable on the take-home pay“ would lie with the end of the year at a profit more than only 100 percent of the original salary. As long as the aim reachings are fulfilled, all employees could earn good euros and carry home in your backpack. The confirmed official him his active official’s status allows to rest and an employee’s contract signed, is glad since then at the end of every annual period about his aim reaching, speak more money in the Portmonee. Now the hired group servant won anew could feel unbound, nevertheless, he was a freelance again. Your effect did not miss this mood delta generated by the group among passive and active officials, because the loyal old active state servants were paid furthermore after salary table. To the better employee’s extent of utilisation it was introduced quite quietly 38 hours of week again. Now of course without implementing of the old special payments from former times, – closer moreover in the postal staff right law and in Telekom – special payment order – with look at 2010 customers, service, technology enterprise were founded by the Magenta gleaming enterprise. Now the employees were sent again in the surface. Since then we are there innovatively Germania far in 200 locations for the customer. How long still?

As a small priming coat of mine youtube canal more over

How will it go on in 2015 with the last active federal employees in the middle service in the world where only profit and profit counts? I am sure that rebuilding and organisation measures will pursue me also this year. Faithful to the quotation: „Is not as continual as the change“ – Heraklit von Ephesus, I see myself as a modern nomad who carries his active official’s status to the work far from a logic unflustered every day and shows his imaginary employer: „Hey look sometimes I am there, who are YOU ?“

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock


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