With joke and humor one comes in aim, Don Quichotte is a hero…….

Tricky situations require talent, patience and an amount of staying power, otherwise the sighted aims move in wide distance. Sometimes it helps to At and a chill head. With a smile or a wink in the eyes it lighter goes. If we come on the subject, our today’s story is from: „Why it happens to me“ – hold, nevertheless, I will not betray immediately everything already in the introduction. Of course it starts again with………. Once Upon a Time ….

one day, there noble man Don Quichotte of his imaginary Dulzinea wanted a fresh chill lemon juice to prepare. He went to the kitchen and noted that no more lemons were there. Ruminatively he sauntered in his cosy study room and considered like he now to his popular fruit could come.

At the same time a theatrical group from the distant Alemania guested on the marketplace of Mancha. The actors and dancers provide with her small performed pieces for a nice change, particularly nice Esmeralda. She was with your danced presentations immediately the public darling. Now shopkeepers, businessmen, farmers, simply all states of the craft were gathered here at a place and acted and sell your goods.Carousel, bateleur eagle and market crier alternated consecutively. Marvellous smells lay in the air, after burnt chestnuts, jasmine and oranges.In the well, in the middle of the marketplace Till Eulenspiegel, larded with small magic inserts told his experienced stories. It was already very musty in the early morning and was warm, thus all visitors of the market slowly through the narrow lanes moved.

In the close fields of La Mancha Sancho Pansa with a dull scythe cut meanwhile the almost metre of high straw of his meadows. Long his tools would not hold any more by. How well in Mancha just a public festival took place. Here he would find certainly a knife grinder and scissors sharpener who could sharpen the blade. He came along on the way there. Maybe his friend Don Quichotte also wanted to come along to the market of Mancha. Without any hurry riding Sancho with his donkey Eduardo to Quichotte Finca.

During that Aldonza Lorenzo got ready, today she wanted to go out. The party lay before your door, was made like for your most ardent wish.…… With a look from the window she watched on the marketplace the busy activity of the passers-by. Up to the upcoming fancy-dress ball in the evening time was still for an extensive bath. So caught to themselves Aldonza your Sombrero Portuguesa and a bucket to the water get, a sweat propelling procedure stood in a queue. Certainly she would have to run dozen times, until the bath would be full.

Since the early morning Vinzenco from Almahra was with it whetstone occupies to pack whetstone wheel, various hand big whetstones on the horse carts. With tighten of the horses he noted that the cartwheels had a little bit too much plays, he had to unpack some whetstones again and come along with lighter load on the way to Mancha.

With loud applause the amateur actors were applauded at the end of your piece. „One is warm this is here“, Esmeralda needed a break. Your right name Carmen Bodilla Bachmann was real. She came from the small village Bröthen. „If we prepare the stage for today evening“, in the affirmative became this proposal of Salvatore de Bergerac, the leader of this small theatrical group accepted. Salvatore turned to the audience: „ My dear Amigos, we make a break, we meet us later to the Luna ball again“. The applause died down, the chair rows became brighter. Now, finally, Carmen could go over to Till and to hear your friend and to see, we he maintained his small listener’s crowd. With few handles she pinned up your hair, it fixed under your Sombrero with a hat needle and disappeared in the crowd of people.

After a good hour pondering on the canapé recumbent Quichotte came for a good decision, „Now, there nothing else is probably left to me, I will ride to the market of Mancha and get a few lemons“, he rose on his horse Rosinante, caught to himself a bucket and galloped rapidly off.

On long ways I kill to me the time “, fascinatedly the listeners listen to the history. Till took short and long steps. threw, besides, capably without long to small stones see in the well bucket, „while I try small stones from the way“,Till saw in the amount Esmeralda, thereby he was deflected for one moment, in a high curve the thrown stone missed the well and met, instead, directly the bucket of the near coming Aldonza. She dropped timidly the bucket. „You are a little bit loco my friend“, it came of Dulzinea. The listeners had to laugh loudly, even Carmen this could smile do not keep back.

Finally, Sancho Pansa reached the Finca, „Roberto, Sancho is here where you are my friend“, Sancho knocked at the door. When nobody opened, he unrounded the main house quite without any hurry and he headed for the terrace. With the last look in the stable, on the missing Rosinante, Sancho had the certainty that his friend was not at home. He laid the bag of lemons to the olive boxes. Now the trip was continued with Eduardo to Mancha.

Till is gallant to the nice Seniora, helps drag to her with the water“, it came over of Carmen from the audience. With quick steps he stood in the well. With an „Excuses, it was not my intention, I move to you for it“, besides, he moved so jerkily in the well crank, completely surprised he looked at the end of the rope, it was no more bucket in it. A loud laughter came from everywhere, from the close a cart slowly came to the well. These were Vinzenco’s horse carriages, creaky he rolled towards his sales corner on the marketplace. It was hardly to be come more possibly to the middle of the market, so many people stood in the well. The destiny took his run, because with put down to the cart a cartwheel broke at the side away. The heavy wheel rolled in rotary movements to ground and, besides, damaged the bucket of Aldonza, „ Really, here we have el Loco and his assistant El grosso Loco, how should I scoop now water Caballeros, now there the ground of the bucket a jump has got?“

Finally, Roberto had got his lemons, everywhere people stood in the states, slowly he came up to the well which smirked gathered human grape and laughed when still Sancho with his scythe joined to it and whispered in his old known kind “Una problema”. „What has happened, ma amiga Aldonza?“, it came out questioningly of Him. “Sancho my rescuer, can you procure for me a bucket, so that I can drag water?“„This is a job for a nobleman“, it sounded from the amount from Don Quichotte over here. He distributed fast his bought lemons in the amount of the audience and put down his bucket before the well. Some passers-by followed the example of Quichotte and put your brought buckets also in addition. Carmen rushed over, came to the end of the rope in the crank of the well. She put your hat needle by the rope, the needle bent carefully and read off this self-built hinge in the well shaft. Sancho and Till fastened the loose wheel again to the horse cart. Vinzenco caught to themselves Aldonza bucket and mended the hole so well went. Esmeralda had luck, she got the well bucket again upwards with your preserved rope. Now being ready Salvatore formed a towed burdock, with other members of the theatrical group, from the well up to the front door of Esmeralda. Till placed with „on the places… ready ….go“, the start sign. After a few minutes Dulzinea’s bath was filled with water. Roberto was generous and invited all assistants, with theatrical group on his Finca to the dinner with paella.

After food it went together in a good mood to the Luna ball, it was getting dark long. Salvatore and his group had created to the surprise of all present guests a new dance number.

Many of us know this play certainly, as a small help of me: „“There’s a hole in my bucket”

              … …. comes tempered and in the best of health by the nice autumn …. …

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Until the next time, I wish you a nice week. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock

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