Only one detour or, nevertheless, directly to the aim, a flight with obstacles?

Holiday times are the nicest days in the year. Millions fond of travelling people start and graze the favorable offers on the worldwide Internet. Where should it go there? The money long ago does not sit any more so laxly, everybody would like to have from us most comfort for little lollies. Sections like sport, leisure offers, entertainment and duration irrigation at the respective holiday place are important in our today’s time not to imagine as not existing any more or? If I turn back now small a little the wheel in the media and fast-moving clock of the time, it was more important till recently to come, than the pure desire in the pleasure. ‘Ballermann – Majorca’ allows to greet, but where have my right individual travellers remained?

So about 1990 my holiday destination was certain. America and Canada were my popular destinations. My preparations mostly took place in autumn of the year before, there always lasted an eternity, until the catalogues of the respective tour operators lay in the travel agencies from. Already standing in the middle of the working life, I wanted to put together on the other side from ‘Neckermann’, ‘Meyer’ or ” travelling TUI, my bargain trips myself. On this occasion, it was to be had importantly the school holidays calendar in the head. Who flies off already with pleasure in a congested airplane, in a federal state where the school holidays start have, probably still with a charter bomber or an all-inclusive bomber, this does not go at all. With some luck I had everything what needed I in prospectuses and timetables till November amassedly. Now I could study in rest, the single offers.

On direct ways to Canada always goes out from Frankfurt. This has always been in such a way, this is and was quite clear to me, – moreover my history –  –

now I live in North Rhine-Westphalia, there must be, nevertheless, still other possibilities or? As said, the Internet trip service providers were represented not so numerously as today. Individually I could fly off by feeder to flights from another place or country and save. Just I wanted to make it. Only from where and with which airline. Some sleepless nights later, near the desperation, because I dreamt over and over again of Hawaii……

why a look on mine do not risk youtube canal

….. if I had planned this time my starting point of Amsterdam. Without considering long, credit card pulled out booked and paid-up. In the middle of February everything in dry cloths, the summer vacation can come. Now instead of with Lufthansa I fly KLM, this becomes nice certainly. The day of the departure, thus simple and simply planned, started with small obstacles. I do not drive off with pleasure on the last minute. This time the first announced delay announced itself exactly in my holiday time, a strike of the German Federal Railroad was to be expected. „So a dung“, I imagined. „this can become once again what“. On time I stood in the rail, from the ‘Niederrhein’ directly to ‘Schiphol’ airport I wanted to go, a good connection, only this time I had to change in ‘Amsterdam Centraal’. With the help of the ‘German Federal Railroad’, rather more smart experienced, well ticket employees of my town informed with thanks, I found directly a connecting train to the Amsterdam airport. Finally created, now still fast the flight counter find, suitcases deliver and visit airport. Here followed the second shock, a sweetly looking employee KLM explained to me that the airplane books is. No flight would fly in the today’s afternoon more directly to Toronto. I did not understand only „today, but tomorrow again“. With me about 30 passengers were asked in the airport restaurant. On calculation of the organizer we were invited to food and a free overnight stay. “Mooie Meisjes” of the counter came to the restaurant and distributed vouchers to the present travellers. So transport coach and hotel were booked, I wanted to make one day in Amsterdam, first-class, always sometimes. Nevertheless, maybe one more chance existed for me, in a conversation with the KLM stewardess I asked for a possibility of the continuation of the journey. If I already do not come directly to Canada, I take the next flight in the nearness of my airport of destination brings. With one smile the stewardess disappeared. A few minutes later ‘She’came back and made to me an offer, which I could not knock out. There was one more flight over the Atlantic namely to New York. Of course I further wanted, ‘Big Apple’ I coming, with me another 6 other adventurers on the way were to the departure counter. On the way by many ways, our airport stewardess collected the coach and hotel reservations, said goodbye to us, we had come in the entrance door of the airplane. In the greeting I could believe my ears hardly, „welcome to ‘Martin Air’“. What had happened? Thousand thoughts whirred by my head. Now really we sat in the Bussiness first-class direction Toronto. What was with New York? With a tomato juice in my hand, it became clear to me which we had luck and this machine flies directly to Canada, surprises without between stop in New York, still easily, I was glad about this special night flight, in the life I could never have afforded something like that, no this would sprinkle itself today my travel cash. With the supper (dinner on porcelain to plates) present Martin Air Mannequin Stewardess which there was another 6 free places explained to me. ‘The small sister KLM’ helps out always with pleasure with about reservations.

A detour is sometimes the direct way to the aim. Thanks, it was a very nice adventure for me………….. and a miraculous flight.

Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Lovly greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.

Erdi Gorch Fock


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