Scheherazade, Dinharazade, stories from 1001 night. How is the precious princess called ? Part II

                              …………. the second part…………………

……..Thorus was broken open to procure herbs on the different marketplaces. Many days passed, then, finally, in the old port Asbana Thorus had everything together. Now the unwieldy way home followed for Him and his beasts of burden to Kalemanszus.

The palace of the hoist was decorated with flowers arrangement from lilies and roses. Assistants in the kitchen prepared Tschelo Kabāb, an inalienable national court in East. Shana’s Baghlavā might not be absent, these sweets were desired with all in the palace very much. From the kettles emerged the smell of marvellous water of roses. A very pleasant smell lay down from the kitchen about gardens up to the lake.

Mandaragat was on the lake with an army of craftsmen a stage occupies for the dancers and female dancers to build. Six small ways which reached up to the border of Kalemanszus were put on around the lake. Big fireplaces lined in each case the end of these ways. The made paper lanterns decorated fields and forest slopes.

Curiously presecuted Schahrayâr the coloured activity of his subjects. He allowed to shout after the Grand Vizier. When Mandaragat came to the rooms of the Sultan’s, he had to find out that the ruler sharpened his Schimitar. At the sight of on this oriental weapon, it ran to Him coldly and hotly the backs under it. Without twitching with the eyelash, telling began the Grand Vizier Schahrayâr that all precautions were concluded to the party. As a climax of the party and specially for the sultan there would be a riddle history. The theatres piece begins in the evening at the lake. With a burning question on the lips the sultan wanted to know about Mandaragat whether also was a woman present, who is good to Him for the main woman? Murderous looks of Schahrayâr met icily Mandaragat face. Before the Grand Vizier could answer the Daira’s drummed accompanied from sitars increase to food.

Scheherazade had been able to listen to everything from a hiding place with what was spoken in the room of the Sultan’s and exactly at the right moment for Mandaragat, the sign was given at the beginning of the party. Now Scheherazade ran fast to the rest space of the harem where the dancers and female dancers waited for your appearance. The precious princess had to disguise herself and prepare. It was quite late afternoon in Kalemanszus. Dozens of servants ran by the palace ways and lighted candles and Lampignons. The gardens shone up to the lake, in do not end wishing light sea.

With darkness achieved Thorus the borders of Kalemanszus. In the first path, something above the mountain peak of the way, a big campfire burnt. Exactly properly around large amounts of herbs too drily. He unloaded bundle and packages of the beasts of burden. The upcoming wind pressed the herbal smoke down to the lake. With a smile on his face Thorus moved to the next fireplace further. “The plan hopefully rises which my beloved Mrs. Dinharazade has worked out”, he imagined and hastened away.

While of that became in the palace…………………….

                 ——–To be continued—————

Until the next time, I wish you a nice Sunday. Love Greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.



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