All Tutti Frutti with DISCO and Musikladen……. a time trip in the matter of music and television

Music is as long as I can think a central subject with myself. I was natural and is fan of music broadcastings. In the change of the time, today with mobile phones, I think back with pleasure sometimes, how everything began.

Already since child days I hear music. Born in a time where on our Elbe island Finkenwerder did not have yet everybody a television my whole pride was a small record player. I best heard fairy tale stories. Some records hummed I scuffle and under it. So excitingly were the stories and the music which were played at the beginning and at the end.

In the course of the years I pursued the top songs for NDR 2 or BBC in the radioether, mostly I might not remain open so long, maybe with a lot of negotiations talent (that is: „around dawdle with the tooth clean, schoolbag still pack, gulp of water get etc.“) I could still hear up to the end the TOP 3 songs on the radio, often it did not work……. This changed when we got a television. News and films was looked, also here I had to notice fast that, unfortunately, the good music broadcastings or amusing things were sent later in the evening, otherwise, mercilessly I would have armed with my cassette recorder and microphone, we had the whole broadcastings taken up into the night, but here long time of all two television companies (today inconceivably for the younger readers) an end of broadcasting of ARD and ZDF. The nighttime programm on the radio had been introduced scarcely and came from ARD alternately from the regional broadcasting centres.

Well, I wanted to play own music, better said which made what the presenter ‘Uschi Nerke’ on Saturday afternoon in the ‘Beatclub’ something like that, I wanted to make it. For days I was occupied to take up from the flat music on cassette. As a right disc jockey the announced single got on the radio recordings of ‘Slade’, ‘Neil Diamond’ or ‘Sweet’. Who had such an admission which was not interrupted by the traffic radio, was a lucky devil and could exchange with his friends songs.

The television meant it later well with me, (or were these political interests???) and the ‘Disco’ with ‘Ilya Richter’ was also shown in the late afternoon. Finally, a broadcasting for me and not so simply as the ‘Hitparade’, with ‘Dieter Thomas Heck’. Here I could see ‘Suzi Quatro’, ‘The Rubettes’ and ‘ABBA’, let alone „Lady in Black“ from ‘Uriah Heep’.

What I have loved the ‘Musikladen’, Bremen was emitted by radio late. Only on holiday some results I could look in, but the mixture of Go Go Girls and ‘Uschi Nerke’ with the pieces of music was first-class. The quiet pole was the presenter ‘Manfred Sexauer’ to listen for me always a pleasure to Him.

Of course I was a fan of the ‘Plattenküche’ with ‘Frank Zander’ and from ‘Olivia Pascal’ from the music broadcasting ‘Bananas’. I liked the new draught, central issue chaotically with joke and humor. In this sense, already a little older, I have pursued later ‘Formel Eins’ with ‘Stefanie Tücking’.

Then there came the private transmitters and a new wave of music and amusing broadcastings which wanted to be not always taken seriously. Who does not remember with pleasure ‘RTL Samstag Nacht’ with ‘Esther Schweins’ and ‘Tanya Schumann’ or was not with stinking ‘Die Doofen’ of an opinion? With „I may ask them to the bar“ still today I smile with. My Saturdays were saved. In the ‘Die Wochenshow’ with ‘Ingolf Lück’ which always wanted as ‘Herbert Görgens’ on the television and to ‘Anke Engelke’ alias ‘Ricky’ with your pop sofa, the broadcastings were always too short.

The title music of the respective Show’s recognises everybody immediately which has seen them. If we turn on an attempt and think short…… ‘Eine schrecklich nette Familie’……. properly ‘Love and Marriage’ from Frank Sinatra, delightfully played by Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill ).

A brilliant piece for me is and remains “Tutti Frutti” with the „fruit of Chin Chin Ballett“. Who has not hummed it in that time with or has whistled the melody after? How were the rules once more during this rate and plays show? his sense of nobody understood, up to the presenter, affectionately ‘Chicken Hugo’ called and his nice assistant Monique.

look sometimes at mine youtube canal

Now I ask myself in the end where have these distractions remained? Everybody away up to ‘DSDS’, ‘Supertalent’, ‘Dschungelcamp’ or the annual ‘Song contest de la chanson’? I lack something in the television scenery. What gets rid with the TV to transmitters? Commerce there and or here, would like to earn certainly everybody, only I think, we need more entertainment in the form of humor and music. The Benny Hill Show allows to greet………. With this „jingle in the ear“ I say goodbye.


Until the next time, I wish you a nice sunday. Love Greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.