In the kingdom of 1001 Nights, the miserly Schindna build a garden in record time ……Part III

——–Part III—————

Finally, Schindna had reached the harbour. Really many sloops and Koggen had landed. Busily the dockers were occupied to drag the baskets and boxes to the quay and in the warehouses. The horticulture master made an overview to himself and got into conversation with a man whose plants were loaded just in the market carriages. Kirahcs, the florist, had come from Assur, his hooded coat was quite filthy and his long straggly hair fell to Him over eyes and nose. He was glad about a bath and to make good deals in Kalemanszus. His ship the “Saluki” had many lilies aboard. Now together with his Ellinikos he came along on the way to the market. Just a Dhau wanted to put on the “Kira”, a slave ship from Candia, behind “Kerang Manis”. Schindna saw Mandaragat at this moment at the quay standing, the horticulture master arranged to meet Kirahcs on a glas of rose water in the afternoon in the bazaar.

Scheherazade heard from your sister that your uncle is in Kalemanszus. “It is always nice”, she thought if Wassiliki’s Karavelle with spices appeared. In recollection of the experienced story of the wonderful princess ( Excuse me, I have not translated this short story yet into the English one. Scheherazade, Dinharazade, Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht… Wie heißt die kostbare Prinzessin ? ), now Schahrayâr arrived from the office room. Tensely the sultan sounded the story of his sister-in-law Dinharazade. His good mood got worse, he more exactly wanted to have a look at this Scharik. Together they came along on in the gardens to visit Dindgessan. It had to be traded fast.

Dindgesssan saw on the field. The garden assistants and farm workers could not go on working any more. He took his whip and banged with her by the air. The men looked at Him. ”Hears sometimes you are able…..”, suddenly he was interrupted by a loud voice. It was Schahrayâr which interrupted his old friend Wassiliki, “lets the men rest and comes with me to the harbour, I believe there we are used”. To the workers there fell a stone from the heart, finally, there came the royal ruler and finished this cruelty. “I wanted to shout just to the break Schahrayâr”, it came out of the whip apt Wassiliki.

Mandaragat was in his element, the old sea bear saw from the quay on the “Kira”. With a small movement of the hand he made clear Melak of “Kerang Manis” that the Karavelle should make room for the Dhau. So that the slave catcher’s ship could better moor in the quay. Because the ship’s side of Kira hit crashing against the mole, the hounds of the slave supervisors barked according to on. It lasted a few moments to itself these Ichnilatis had calmed. Now Schindna came up to the Grand Vizier and welcomed Him. “I must still look after the Saluki, my friend” said Mandaragat, besides, he waved of the Saluki. After few minutes the ship of the florist also firmly lay between the Dhau and the Karavelle. Now, finally, Mandaragat could talk with the horticulture master. “So, order must be, the ships cannot stand all over, they else block all entrance of the harbour”, said the Grand Vizier to Schindna.“ Allows to drink to us a few glasses of rose water in the bazaar Schindna”. The horticulture master accepted this invitation with pleasure, together it went in the direction of market.

On the way to the harbour the sultan told the smiling Wassiliki what he had to sound everything of his wife Scheherazade. He allowed to build again people despising and at the expenses of the workers his garden. He was furious on Schindna, because thus had not fancied Schahrayâr the horticulture. Finally, they reached the Karavelle. Wassiliki recognised immediately the situation on site. Without hesitating long and on his sign, the team of “Kerang Manis” boarded the enclosed ships. Neither on the Sauki nor on Kira Scharik was to be found.

Having come at the market, the Grand Vizier and Schindna visited the flower stand of Kirahcs. Almost all plants were sold. The trader was glad, he had made a very good deal. Mandaragat knocked to the venerable market shop assistant on the shoulder. He shook his hands, turned this then flash courteously on the back. Now tied up lay Kirahcs on the ground. “Welcome in Kalemanszus Mogul Scharik”, it hissed from Mandaragat’s mouth.

In the spring the garden project of the sultan was ready. Schindna had promised to the sultan that he will never again put so few workers. Schahrayâr gave this first public garden in Kalemanszus to his subject. Many play devices had been put up. A small lake with sky-blue water lilies decorated former field. In an arbour stories and music were heard and danced Pammi Hip Hop. From now on many Aleppo pines and the marvellous smell of roses and lavender by pulled the Palace of the hoist.

Until the next time, I wish you a nice Wednesday. Love Greetings from an exiled living Hamburger in NRW.



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