Thoughts of St. Pauli, movie night, fish market and a foggy trip on the Elbe

Who shuttles with the ferries in Hamburg, enjoy the rides on the Elbe. On a Saturday, my friends and I wanted to go from our island in the city. It was a long time again due to have fun and have some fun. A long evening across St. Pauli, would be just the ticket for us. About our fair to sneak “Hamburger Dom”, drive a few laps bumper cars and whatever else comes to mind. As a conclusion of a visit to the fish market was planned. We drove over to the piers with the last steamer. We had the best seats on the upper deck. With a fixed gaze, braving the wind, we plunged into the night.

Anticipating a big thank you to “Hamburger Innenansichten”. For permission to use the port designs for virtual support for my story.

Arrived at St.Pauli Landing stage, we can stroll towards the subway. After a stint, we were at “Millerntorplatz”. At the very beginning of the heart of St. Pauli, we could not resist the charm of music, noise and lights of the Hamburg Dom’s (fair). Love apples, baked lard and we were right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the first dart booth. Anyone familiar with the litter stalls, we know it is difficult to meet the earlobe from the face of a banknote. My happiness was hold me and gave me a consolation prize. Mini Cube on a key ring stained. The minicubes we were a trophy laterally attached to the pocket. Well, true professional’s throw as fast to nothing and after a dose of cotton candy I had digested my success.

At the next corner at last came the object of our desire. A super large scooter shack. Eurythmics, Men Without Hats , Laid Back, Rod Stewart moved us formally purely in the car carts. After several rounds I noticed, that I was not made of rubber. The get out from the bumper cars was much more difficult than the board. My consolation prize consisted only of “ring”. This fact was acknowledged by me with a bittersweet smile. I had only once sort my knee and cervical spine. I slowly recovering from the loving buffers, meant that I had to get off. “Hopefully I get the fish market yet” flashed through my mind. A real man knows no pain. After a few minutes later, my friends came limbo dancing moderately to me. All one’s had a Mona Lisa smile on his face, now the “Hamburger Dom” would close soon. The night was young, so we decided to make a long movie night. We still had a few hours until the fish market opened.

The hungry came forward, we strolled up the Reeperbahn. Attracted by all sorts of smells and “Koberer” (luring men, who want to have us in your establishment), we reached near “Grosse Freiheit” sandwich shop. Fish sandwiches and grog (rum must be, sugar can be, water – who needs it ?) always go. Strengthened and all the temptations of easy virtue resisting, we headed towards the main station.

At the exit of the main station in the beautiful St. Georg district, near the “Steindamm” were cinemas. These cinemas show us movies from Saturday to Sunday all the night long. Once in the height of the “Piccadilly”, we looked at the movies. The offer was designed, that you could in one movie theater 3 films behind the other looked. The good thing about the other projection rooms could be visited without us having to buy a new movie ticket. In most cases, we changed and jumped up and down, it was simply fun. So we managed to see 4 to 4 ½ films in good condition. Who would not run continuously back and forth, remained seated and relaxed.

This time my program choice was made quickly, Octopussy, Gorky Park, Eskimo Limon (an Israeli film series, Golden Globe nomination, very popular with adolescents at the time) I wanted to see. In my cinema room, I found a great place in the back rows. It was immediately comfortable, so I slept ever at the opening melody of Rita Coolidge (All Time High) at the beginning of “Octopussy 007”. Half asleep, was told me the exciting story of Roger Moore, alias James Bond. After a while it was just light a movie room, then started the second film.

Gorky Park was done right fit. Not least because the actor (Brian Dennehy and super beautiful Joanna Pacula as opaque “Irina”). Again, I dozed off a few times with relish. Almost disturbing I was rudely awakened again by being made of the light. Now I wanted to enjoy the third film, “Eis am Stiel” ( Eskimo Limon ) , in full length.

In the middle of the film and with the beautiful melody of “Brian Hyland- Ginny come lately” it was to happen again to me, my eyes closed. At the end of this film, I woke up almost rested and saw my friends sitting and fast asleep next to me. After a short orientation period and recurrent thirst, we made our way to the fish market. Yes, that’s a long night and it was just for tough guys only.

Early in the morning at the Hamburg fish market is seen getting a lot of mariners and normal visitors. The Barker entertain us with sayings and jokes, at the same moment, if they put the fruits and fishes into the selling bags. It is a lot of fun, to watch this activity. With a view of the Elbe we noticed emerging fog.


Packed with fish and oranges we headed back to the way to the ferry St. Pauli Landing Bridges. Our steamer arrived and we boarded again the upper deck. With the steady sound of the ship’s engines, I fell asleep again.
Shrouded in fog I processed my experiences and began to dream.


Who Octopuusy really was? Why Ginny came later ? Questions did not go out of my head. In emerging waves, I wanted to warn Irina in front of a Fabergé egg. I head swam. I heard from far away to beat sirens and waves, fog could feel on my skin. Suddenly made it a bang.”


A hard shaft woke me from my dream. Our barge leaders sat on the ferry to Finkenwerder landing stages. Stiff and tired shook up my friends and I to the bridge.

When they parted with my friends and one last smile on the face I made my way home. At last I was back home. Glad and happy I make my bed. “It was a night, that I must make again soon” I thought, and with this final thought I fell asleep.

Until next time, an exil living Hamburger in NRW

Erdi GorchFock63