Cleaning women and Prostitute, social rejection at work and in society……why ?

Cleaning Women and prostitutes are the oldest professions, it should every one be clear. Anyone who operates a social rejection here, has no cognitive skills in dealing with people, who aren’t so lucky in their life. I thought it, I am right in my opinion ?

For in contrast to the “honest and righteous professions”, craftsmen, technicians, workers and employees in the banking and insurance etc., it starts already with the recognition of these two professional groups. None on line further. Who gives ever at the employment exchange his job / career choice that will immediately put in a box. A euphemism, which is described with cleaner, domestic help from now on and dismissed as more activity and has nothing to do with building cleaners. The prostitutes (“put forward / on flaunt, divulge, expose,” from the Latin prostituere borrowed) should any of us make the mistake and it confused with the showman at funfair, who is recognized as a freelance self-employed person. A refusal by the state and society. Where is the social, the collective? Why can not these two activities are not publicly made ​​the same and apply as a profession? …. Because no advocates are there to stand up for these group / s.

This social hypocrisy is always so over, as if it is professional politically correct not so expressed in the professional groups better off. Of course want this professional group of lobbyists in each country, that it is every citizen well. Everyone should find happiness in life through work and earn his wealth and live like a king. Maybe you make it in this profession not for riches and diamonds, but we stand behind you ……………. what a clear statement.

If so, I would like to say thank you, then everything is clearly defined. Who said here, but it starts getting started. What about the the health insurance and later with the retirement insurance ?
Here we have now come to a place that can safely be called a gray area. General, public health insurance does not offer the packages that end with a normal “working people”. The pension contributions are only mandatory contributions, if any, removed. It gapes a delta between adequate and well cared for. Many “Cleaning women and Prostituere” are insured with another. Here each is well advised if he / she is self-insure, ie privately take precautions. We need not to speak, because it is not practically feasible on the cost.

What about the tax gourverment? Here the tax hear just a “ringing of money” in your cash as means of tax card is driven. The proof of how much was earned and must be, each providing self. Now that’s hard at cleaning women and prostitutes, who can always prove his homemade hours exactly. It does not every employer (yes you read right, occurs at the moment the employment of cleaning women and prostitutes this case, otherwise it is moonlighting) accepts a service or a service in this division, all percentage contributions from. Provides even a receipt, which can then be guided to the Tax Office, Pension Office. There is no country at the moment, that this dark theme picks and it regulates satisfactory. This is a form of public ostracism, or?

Finally, in this research, I’ve noticed, who, intentionally or unintentionally, decides as a Cleaning woman or Prostitute, for this way has earned my respect. There is the World Women’s Day. High time to honor the International Day of the Cleaning women and Prostitutes openly and firmly attribute in each calendar.

“It’s such a beautiful sound of money if all Cleaning women and Prostitutes to make a living with the incomes …… Ka-ching! …..”

Until next time. Love Greetings Erdi GorchFock63