Who is my favorite girl friend?

30 years ago, (I’m so old, hmmmh) I was asked this before from my teaching officials, I was doing my qualification examination for officers in my class were strikingly pretty girl and it happened that I was the only young man was in this vintage. Where was I …. oh yes …. Your can imagine the situation, warm weather, severe learning material, paragraphs and legal texts, almost every day an examination paper in his face. You have to focus now and since the question comes from your teacher: “Erdi, what of the beautiful girl is your favorite” It immediately became quiet in the classroom, because all the women were waiting for my answer burning. In me it was hot and cold at the same time, in space was a slightly sweet smell, a kind of sweet cloud that envelops your entire body and caresses you and you takes away the senses. I did not at the correct answer, you’re the loneliest young man, what should I say, I did not know what to say … just like now … and then came my reply, which also applies to today. “My dearest friend is the blonde beauty with green eyes”.

Well, as you can probably guess, not a single woman with blond and green eyes in the classroom was present. Fortunately for me, and without further only like questions from my teachers, I was able to save me in the lunch break. Well, I used to watch this free time for looking music tapes and disks in nearby electronic store in Hamburg “Mönckebergstraße”. I found one and went to the checkout and than hit me almost the shock out of the blue sky. At the checkout stand which has become for me the meat Alibi woman with blond hair and green eyes. When I pay with was on my turn, I shared with this dream woman a few pleasantries. Unfortunately, I was time-wise in hurry, my lunchbreak was almost over, I could not entertain with “Her” or let leave my phone number. I arrived on time, easily aroused again to lessons. Our teacher entered the classroom and began with the following words to teach in these sentences I have today in the ear. “Well, Erdi how was your lunch time? and my answer came in a flash like a shot “Yes, I have seen my dream girl” I have thus brought naturally to succumb to the teaching and the necessary concentration could not be established by classmates and me. In this afternoon, after school, I’m gone in the Mönckebergstraße, in this electronic unit of the shopping store, but “She” was no longer there …….. Would there be a reunion?

Does it please you ……. I look forward to your comments.

Until next time, kind regards.