Chess on the Ferry

One of my first stories, translated by me. If a reader feels like to translate my short stories, then please contact me. Since I am not a professional translator, I would be delighted appreciate any help Well, enjoy reading my short story.

As a small introduction and understanding, some time before the ferry in Hamburg drove not every quarter or half hour. It happened frequently, from the Underground- or Metrotrain coming that I (62 line) missed my ferry at pier “St. Pauli Landing Bridges” to Finkenwerder. Either I was on a direct connection to wait an hour or try the express bus for “Teufelsbrück” to go and to come up with the ferry (line 64) pier “Rüschkanal” to “Finkenwerder Landing Bridges”. Sometimes I could see the “tourist ferry” get by pier “Willkomm Höft” that drove and hope that I could change my missed ferry directly after “Teufelsbrück”. Depending on the time of day drove from “Teufelsbrück” at the same time, two ferries direction Finkenwerder. This should be enough to get clear in my story.

Finally, my work was over. I looked forward to my office hours, on a chess or skat on “my ship”. Quick steps I reached the subway station at the goose market (Gänsemarkt). I was lucky and caught my train to Schlump. The change and the direct drive on to the next subway snapped, “Right I’m on my ferry”, I thought. Our subway drove into Subwaystation “St. Pauli Landing Bridges”. During step I tried the obstacles in front of me, jump down with stairs and take the pedestrian bridge in the slalom, to deal with. The pontoons were in sight. “Hopefully I get to the ferry yet”. The last meters to the investors bridge Nummer 6 I ran. ” Crap ! “, the ferry took off straight. In the last moment I saw them on the upper deck of moving ferry a girlfriend of mine. She noticed me, simultaneously, she painted with her fingers a square in the air. I could call a d4 your still, then the ferry away quickly. Exhausted, I stopped at the pontoon end. What should I do? I wanted to play with you, my desire was aroused because I had an idea …….

……I could take a ferry that goes directly to pier “Teufelsbrück”. When I reminisce taken me back, so exactly I had long been behind this beautiful girl behind. She could smile while watching a that it was always warm your heart to me. I had butterflies in my stomach and really looked forward to this unique opportunity. “Do not think,” I thought. Luck was on my side, I heard a man: “After Teufelsbrück enter here”. Who was in the harbor before, knows this somewhat rough type, the port staff who are always friendly and helpful and lines of people sent press over the bridge into the inner belly of the ferry. A lot of people wanted to go with this tourist steamer. Endless seemed the wait until the doors went to the ferry and took off. On the upper deck I was looking for “my ship”. This put on straight to the Pier” Altona “. In passing I was able to beck on other ferry over and make my adored dream woman. Our eyes met, with invitees from arm movements I tried to make “your” clear that I wanted to switch my ferry. Since swerved our ferry to deviate by a larger boat. Did “you” hear me? By the evasive maneuver our ferry I lost a moment visual contact with my hopefully soon new girlfriend ?? When I again had free view, I noticed that I was driving direction “Teufelsbrück” behind two ferries. At the same time reached three ferries get pier “Teufelsbrück”. With a jump over the bridge I tried on the other ferry to upgrade. At the last minute I managed to still behind me, the doors closed from the ferry. I floated up the stairs to the upper deck. I noticed this myself the Cupid arrow had hit hard. Finally I could be your very close. On the upper deck, I could not discover the ferry turned direction “Finkenwerder Landing Bridges”. In this maneuver, I could see the upper deck of the other ferry, hit me almost fainted, I saw “you” …. on the ferry to pier “Rüschkanal”. Motionless, I was on the wrong ferry, my heart was pounding and I always thought how cruel can be the rough sea that took my love to me. That afternoon, I could not land at your, our chess game would get a sequel? Would there be a reunion? …..


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